Starting A Gold Investment Account FAQ

A Gold IRA Roll over is a New School approach that leverages precious metals like gold & silver by using them as a part of your retirement account.  ThisPhysical Gold in a Safe website provides extensive research about the set-up process, tracks the price of gold over time, and most importantly, provides reviews of gold ira companies.

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Gold Ira Companies are advertising everywhere, and with good reason.  Placing gold in an Ira is one of the more savvy financial moves you can make today.  As an investor and entrepreneur, I take risks on a daily basis.  However, I’m not taking risks with my retirement portfolio, which is why I documented my due diligence in this sector in an effort to help people like you who are checking out gold ira custodians.

Before Gold IRA Investing….

Going back 4,000 years, gold and other precious metals have been used as a sign of wealth, prestige, and honor.  Early uses included vases, cups, shrines, and jewelry.

It wasn’t until 1,000 BC that gold was made into coins and used in trading.  Historians have scribed of trading relationships between the Indu’s and the Nile.

Gold was used as a monetary currency until it was replaced by fiat currency around the 1930′s, meaning that just about everyone reading this site is one or two generations removed from someone who used gold as a form of currency during their lifetime.

Let that sink in for just a minute…..

Just 80 years ago gold was used as legal tender in many regions.  Perhaps your Great Grandfather, or depending on your age, your Grandfather – used gold in commerce.

Fast Forwarding into the New School of Investing I touched on earlier, it’s no secret that gold prices have not only held their own throughout many economic turns.  Further, it’s been on an 11 year climb and continues to beat all forecasts and “expert” predictions.

Gold Ira Accounts are investment vehicles backed by physical gold.  As a precious metal commodity, gold coins are said to have been in circulation as early as 700 B.C.  Even 2,000 years before that, gold was used in jewelry and considered the ultimate sign of wealth, luxury, and prestige.

As a hard-headed, opinionated investor of equities, I wasn’t keen on gold investing until I watched videos like this one below:

Click the link to read a detailed page about how to execute a gold ira roll over.

Summary of the Above Video

I’ve always lived by the fact that “stats don’t lie.”   When it comes to protecting the money I’ve worked so hard to squirrel away, precious metals clearly offer diversity and protection for myself and my family.  Not having this strategy in place, I suffered mid six figure losses during the economic turmoil in late 2007 and didn’t see the light again until 2011.  It can be right around the corner once again – but this time I’ve taken steps to ensure I’m protected.

I Also Heard Horror Stories of Companies Hawking Gold Coins at 38% Mark-Up….

Fortunately, not all companies that sell gold bullion operate in that manner.  In fact, I found one company that transitioned it’s business model from selling gold coins to focus it’s core efforts on helping people perform a gold ira roll over.  This is becoming very common and the company has racked up rave reviews in the process of helping others learn about how precious metals investing works with their existing retirement accounts.

Learn More About Gold IRA Set-Up.

If protecting your hard-earned retirement accounts is as important to you as it is to me, I suggest you read more about the company I’ve written about in great detail here.



  1. Samuel Hoff says:

    Is there a minimum amount I have to invest in this? I have worked 5-7 years at three different corporations and left behind retirement accounts with each company. I’d like to try to roll over one account into a gold or silver investment and once I’m comfortable with the system in place add the rest of them to the mix. Any assistance you can provide me would be greatly appreciated.

    • Samuel,

      Yes, Regal Assets has a $5,000 minimum per investment. The situation you speak of is quite common. Many people work several years at a company, only to change gears and move to another job. They leave behind significant portions of their retirement, virtually unmanaged. You can roll over any of those accounts into a gold-backed ira with the help of Regal Assets. Go ahead and get the free investment kit as it walks you through all of that information and much, much more.

  2. With gold apreciating at about 8% over the last month, it makes it really hard to not invest into it.

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