Advantage Gold

Many investors are looking for new sources for their money. They are wanting greater opportunities for investing and a larger number of places to invest. These individuals are tired of the same handful of mutual fund approaches or real estate investment opportunities. They want an investment that has a different philosophy behind it. One of the best ways for individuals to meet these needs is through a gold IRA. Gold IRAs like those offered by Advantage Gold can be the secret to securing higher investment returns with less stress over a long period of time.

Who is Advantage Gold Appealing To?

Anyone who is interested in investing should be interested in a product such as Advantage Gold. This product is particularly beneficial for individuals who are greatly worried or stressed out by investing in traditional securities. Millions of Americans are invested in the stock market and check its movements everyday. They feel a twinge of pain whenever they see those investments drop in value. Individuals sometimes will watch their stocks on the worst possible days and will see their net worth drop by sometimes more than 5 or 10%.

These individuals are often tempted to draw down on their investments and take out their money whenever there is the slightest market decline. These individuals should not act rashly on those investments. Instead, they should turn to an investment that has a different basis of value. No individual can predict the stock market or explain the actions of the stock market and its irrational ways. The stock market is only partially based on realistic elements such as earnings ratios and labor market statistics.

The rest of the market is driven by feelings, guesses, and intuitions that no one individual can fully understand at any time. For many people, they are not stressed by the activities of the market and these movements. They can go months or even years without checking the performance of their portfolios. But for people who do not have this level of control or this kind of detached view of their investments, products such as Advantage Gold can be incredibly beneficial.

Advantage Gold is one of the nation’s leading gold IRA companies. The gold IRA is an investment account that an individual can use for retirement purposes that is closely attached to the value of gold. Individuals use these accounts in order to invest in gold and hedge against cyclical changes in other areas of the economy. The designation of being an IRA is that individuals receive tax deferment or tax mitigation with these accounts. They have to meet certain governmental regulations and have a certain amount of the legitimacy that other gold buying companies do not have. This product is one of the most efficient ways in this day and age to take advantage of gold.

Advantage Gold pro’s and con’s: Pros: Safety

Safety is the initial Advantage Gold pro’s and con’s to consider. Gold is one of the safest investments that individuals turn to when the stock market is volatile. Gold is so safe because it is not directly dependent on stock prices, economic indicators, or the performance of particular companies. No individual is directly in control of gold or can directly impact the price. This commodity has had some sort of value for thousands of years and will continue to have value for the foreseeable future.

Pros: Convenience

Convenience is another good reason to use this company. Many individuals invest in gold by buying gold coins or bars. These gold items can be easily stolen and must be carefully stored and insured. A gold IRA like the one offered by Advantage Gold removes all of these concerns for the average person.

Pros: Peace of mind

Gold provides a certain stability that one cannot receive from tracking real estate or stock prices all day long. There will always be a certain amount of value inherent in purchases of gold. It will never drop to zero like a large number of stocks might.

Pros: Digital access to goods

Advantage Gold provides a digital platform to access one’s investments. They do not have to work through another company or an expensive broker. Instead, the investor can see exactly what they have at any time.

Pros: Diversification

Advantage gold is also beneficial because of the ability for individuals to diversify their portfolios. Diversification is always the strategy that is suggested to do the best in any market conditions. It is the practice of absorbing both potential gains and risks from a number of different sectors of the economy. An individual who is properly diversified will not lose much money if the economy drops in general. But this practice is not just open to the investment in stocks.

Individuals can also be diversified through other approaches such as purchasing gold from a company like Advantage Gold. Diversification occurs because an individual is trying to take advantage of a possible hedge against inflation. One of gold’s best benefits is that it keeps its value more than individual dollars and other currencies. Every individual should have gold in their investment portfolios along with stocks, cash, and real estate.

Pros: Easy interface

Advantage Gold has an online interface and is a mostly online company. Its service is easy to use and easy to navigate. Individuals can quickly discern trends and movements in the gold investing field.

Cons: Fees

There are Advantage Gold fees and costs associated with this program. These Advantage Gold fees are more substantial than one might have to pay if he or she simply bought some gold coins from a dealer. The safety and security that one has through working with a company like Advantage Gold does come at a price.

Cons: Less established

Advantage Gold is not one of the massive companies that offers gold buying and selling. It has not been around for as long as some of its competitors. This relative youth may make some investors nervous about how to use the company and view their investments with the company.

Cons: Counter-cyclical

The practice of investing in gold is a counter-cyclical practice. Counter-cyclical investments are investments that make money when the general economy is sinking and lose money when the economy is growing. These investments are helpful when individuals are losing money in all of the other areas of their portfolios. However, they often have a lower upside than cyclical investments because they cannot take advantage of the near unlimited growth of boom times. An individual’s investments are always capped when investing in gold and similar commodities.

Cons: Lower upside

Gold mostly has a limited upside. It is not like a speculative or small cap stock company. Instead, gold’s value is well-known and it responds to macro forces that are often gradual. Gold needs to be a modest part of any investing strategy.


Advantage Gold may not work for every investor. But it is beneficial to a large number of the men and women who are looking for new places to invest and keep their money safe. It can be one of a number of repositories for funds in this new, challenging environment. In many ways, Advantage Gold can be the key to making a modern diversified portfolio work. Make sure to visit Advantage Gold’s website today in order to take advantage of this opportunity.