Birch Gold Group Review With Fee’s Examined

As an investor, I have learned a lot about precious metals IRA accounts. If you have ever been confused about the investments available, the risk factors or the best investments, I understand. I have been there myself.

Birch Gold Group

One of the investments I recommend is purchasing or trading gold. During my research, I discovered Birch Gold Group. The company offers investments in gold, silver, palladium and platinum. You can invest in an IRA or physical position.

The company has earned my trust. Burch Gold was established in 2003 as an online-based business. The company offers investments suitable for beginner, intermediate and veteran investors.

You can establish a solid and reliable income for your retirement by investing. One of the reasons I chose this company is they provide protection from inflation. Have you ever been afraid to invest due to an unpredictable market or an unstable economy?

I consider myself a fairly savvy investor, but I am not willing to take any major risks. Making certain I have enough money to retire comfortably is too important to take any unnecessary risks.

Making an Investment with Birch Gold Group

Birch Gold Group is one of the leading precious metals dealers within the United States. I like the fact the company has made a commitment to helping you learn how to protect your lifestyle through precious metals such as gold or silver.

I realize the economy is unstable and the market is volatile. The commitment made by the company is what ensured they stood out in my mind against all of the competition. I also appreciate the diversity of the services offered.

You can choose from a wide range of products including colins, physical precious metals, bullion and IRA rollover services. I have personally taken advantage of the silver and gold coins in the company’s collection.

I want you to realize all of these coins come from reliable sources in Canada and the United States. This includes the Canadian Maple Leaf, Indian Head Eagle and American Eagle coins and bullion.

The grading services used by Birch Gold are the same ones the Professional Coin Grading Service and Professional Coin Grading Service use for assessing and authenticating your coins.

The grading service verifies the condition, weight and metal content of all of your coins. All of the products you will see are purchased wholesale then sold to retail and wholesale markets.

All of my investments have been protected because the company offers a comprehensive education to help ensure I am successful. This may be the reason Birch Gold customer service is so popular.

Your can fund an IRA right from your 401K by using the company’s rollover services. I also want to mention the company offers a free IRA setup for gold for a maximum of 24 hours. Birch Gold fees are extremely reasonable since this is a $260 value.

The Birch Group has received positive ratings and feedback from highly reputable sources including Business Consumer Alliance, Trustlink and the Better Business Bureau. I have also read a lot of positive client feedback.

I was interested in the feedback discussing the retirement options available because this is my goal. I was able to find the most current prices for both silver and gold right on the company website.

I also learned the excellent Birch Gold customer service is part of the reason the company received such a great ranking. You will most be interested in learning the Better Business Bureau stated clients are impressed with the products and services.

I verified the rave reviews of clients through extremely reliable online sources. I also discovered Birch Gold is one of the best IRA approved dealers for silver and gold bars and bullion. You can also purchase palladium and platinum bullion.

I also took a good look at the company’s online catalog. There were a lot of IRA approved gold bullion products available including both the Proof and Bullion versions of the American Gold Eagles.

The price ticker is live, right at the top of the Birch Gold Group website and extremely interesting. You can see the prices of silver, gold, palladium and platinum displayed in real-time.

The company mainly specializes in helping you transfer funds directly into a gold IKRA. According to the Better Business Bureau, the company was founded in 2003. I was impressed to learn there are more than 76 employees.

I found out White Horse Capital is the parent company providing Birch Gold with its trademark. I took the time to thoroughly examine the company website and found a lot of pages I consider extremely important regarding gold IRAs.

I recommend looking through all of the following pages because there is a lot of interesting information. The Precious Metals IRA page explains the benefits of investing in a precious metals IRA.

This was where I initially learned about investing in gold IRAs. The Gold 401k Rollover page is a short guide explaining how your 401k can be rolled over into an IRA backed with gold.

The Gold IRA Custodian page explains the concept of a Gold IRA Custodian. You can also receive answers to any questions about IRAs and investments simply by emailing the Birch Gold Group.

My favorite page is Gold Bullion. I was able to easily access the complete catalog of gold bars and coins. I was delighted to discover numismatic coins pre-1933 are included.

The company gained my confidence because they stood out from the competition with the Gold IRA Rollover Kit. This kit is 100 percent complimentary. You can even receive a free copy of Forbes magazine from 2014.

This was when Forbes featured Birch Gold. The magazine also had a documentary with a lot of information regarding the Federal Reserve I found interesting. All of the information you may need for understanding the IRA gold market is right there.

There is no doubt in my mind Birch Gold provides the most generous and comprehensive IRA rollover kit for gold anywhere within the industry. The company is offering you a wide range of diverse services and products including:

  • IRA approved silver and gold bars, bullion and coins
  • IRA rollover services for precious metals
  • IRA approved palladium and platinum bullion
  • Comprehensive and free education including one-on-one care
  • Set up for a gold IRA account. If you transfer more than $50,000, your fees for the first year are paid by Birch Gold Group.

How to Make a Purchase

There are two different purchasing options. The first is a precious metals IRA. I took advantage of this option for converting part of my retirement savings. You can choose numerous types of precious metals IRAs.

This includes 401k, Roth 403b, annuity, SEP and TSP. This is what will protect you against both market and currency crashes. Your IRA will be converted by a specialist with no implications or tax penalties with just three easy steps.

Step One: Your funds will be transferred to a new custodian. You do not need to be concerned about the process of transferring funds because Birch Gold will provide you with assistance throughout the entire process.

You can choose the custodian you want to work with or the Birch Gold Group will work with Kingdom Trust and STRATA Trust Company. I want you to know accredited A+ ratings have been maintained by both of these custodians with the Better Business Bureau.

Step Two: Birch Gold will help you choose and buy precious metals. You simply look through all of the available precious metal options to decide which ones you want placed into your IRA account. The decision is completely up to you.

Your specialist will discuss all of the details and answer any questions you may have. Your specialist will help you make the right decision for your individual needs.

Step Three: The precious metals you have selected will be stored using an approved depository. You will be provided with two different depository options. You can also store your precious metals using a third-party storage facility.

Your first option is the Delaware Depository. Other than New York City, this is the largest depository available for storing precious metals. The depository has the necessary qualifications for the storage of IRA assets.

Once you are a client of Birch Gold, you are able to store all of your IRA precious metals at this depository. I was impressed when I was informed all of the vaults are high-security.

The Delaware Depository is 100 percent in compliance with the requirements of the Internal Revenue Service for the safekeeping and custody of precious metals. Provided your round or bar meets the minimum fineness of the IRS Code, you are all set.

You can decide which depository location you prefer for storing your metals. Your choices are Seal Beach, California and Wilmington, Deleware. Your insurance coverage is classified as all risk for $1 billion for the London underwriters.

Your shipping insurance is included for $100,000 for each package. BGS or Brink’s Global Service is the biggest non-government and non-bank holder of precious metals anywhere on the globe with 1,000 facilities in more than 120 countries.

BGS are experts for the storage of your precious metals. Depending on your IRA custodian, you can store you precious metals in numerous BGS locations including Salt Lake City, New York City and Los Angeles.

ICE or the Intercontinental Exchange and CME or the Chicago Mercantile Exchange have both approved all of these locations.

Your second option is physical possession. Once you have made a purchase, you can have your precious metals delivered. Thus can be accomplished with three simple steps.

Step One: Select the precious metals right for your needs. You need to figure out exactly how much of your savings will be diversified. You have a lot of different options available.

This includes purchasing silver, gold, palladium or platinum bars and coins. The choice is yours.

Step Two: You can make a payment using a your personal check or a wire. I recommend using a wire because it is the safest and fastest way of transferring funds from bank to bank.

Step Three: Once you payment is received, Birch Gold will ship your order. If you purchase more than $10,000 in precious metals, your shipping is free. Your package will arrive within three to seven days.

Since your package is fully ensured, you do not need to be concerned about damage or possible loss. Once your package is received, you can do anything you like with your precious metals.

The Benefits of Purchasing Physical Silver or Gold for Retirement

I firmly believe the best way to diversify my retirement savings is by investing in physical precious metals. I also believe this is an excellent way to protect myself from economic threats.

The best benefits of investing in physical silver and gold for your retirement include:

  • Protecting yourself from inflation
  • Protecting your investment from a volatile stock market
  • Physical metals are immune to cyber-attacks
  • Diversifying your portfolio to include physical metals

Pros & Cons

The Pros

  • Credibility
  • Birch Gold customer service is excellent
  • Wide Range of Services
  • Positive feedback from the Better Business Bureau
  • Numerous positive online customer reviews
  • Birch Gold fees are very reasonable
  • Protection from inflation
  • Diversification

The Cons

  • Not enough company information
  • The Birch Gold Group is not Norton Secured or TRUSTe Verified
  • Complaints with the Better Business Bureau
  • Some negative customer reviews

The Bottom Line

Birch Gold has earned both my trust and recommendation. The company answered all of my questions directly and honestly. I was shown the best way to ensure a comfortable retirement.

I like the different options offered and found the customer service exceptional. I have a lot of confidence in the investments I have made. I highly recommend the Birch Gold group for anyone interested in making an investment.

Unfortunately, I wasted a lot of time researching other companies I did not find satisfactory. I urge you to take action today. Take a look at the products offered because I do not believe you will find a safe or better investment anywhere else.