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The world economy seemingly has gone to pieces since this whole coronavirus mess erupted a few months ago. National economies may never recover to where they were before everybody went into lockdown full blown panic mode. I decided it was high time for me to buy some safe haven gold for myself to protect my wife and children from an uncertain future. To be honest, I have never been a hobby coin collector or a precious metals investor at all. My parents were not exactly gold enthusiasts you see. This was all new and strange to me. I had no idea who to turn to for help.

Then one evening when I was watching television, I saw a commercial from a company called GoldSilver.com. The owner of the company Mike Maloney was presenting a program about the benefits of owning physical gold in these difficult times for the country and the world. I sat down at the computer at once to see what this guru Maloney was all about. It turns out that he started this company along with his strategic support team. They have been located in Southern California, helping people to acquire investment class gold and silver for over a decade now.

I liked their online centered approach. The company GoldSilver.com operates mostly as an online portal, selling extremely liquid (easy to sell and buy) silver and gold bullion, jewelry, and coins. They take great pride in making it easy for everyman to confidently invest in the precious metals complex. You can easily buy your gold and silver from their proprietary website or call them to ask questions before you place a first order. The simplicity and straightforwardness of this online model really appealed to me so I called to learn more.


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It turns out that Mike Maloney is a universally recognized “Godfather” of the precious metals industry. He started this firm back in August of 2005. The firm has been BBB accredited ever since then. Mahoney and company sell the major offerings from the best mints in the world, including the U.S. Mint, Austrian Mint in Vienna, Royal Canadian Mint, Credit Suisse, Johnson Matthey, Sunshine Mint, and the Valcambi mint.

Mike Maloney got his start as the long time precious metals adviser to legendary international finance guru and mega best selling author Mr. Robert Kiyosaki. This guy actually launched the phenomenon called “Rich Dad, Poor Dad.” Mahoney parted ways with Kiyosaki and wrote his own legendary book called the “Guide to Investing in Gold and Silver.” I do not know how much you understand about investing in precious metals, but Mahoney’s book quickly became the definitive and all-time bestseller standard investing in precious metals book for the industry. Mahoney started his GoldSilver.com website and began helping others to facilitate significant investments in gold and silver precious metals. He also began offering huge investment seminars literally throughout the globe at this time.

Through his easy to use and understand website GoldSilver.com, Mike Maloney strives tirelessly to help his would-be customers learn from his vast experience using the educational materials and investing tools and charts offered for free on the website. The online gold and silver dealer takes care of the rest, selling you the bullion that they then deliver straight to your front door. Interestingly enough for those who are looking for the full package, GoldSilver.com of Santa Monica, California also sells jewelry and yes, even emergency survival food to go with your physical precious metals. If the coronavirus pandemic spirals hopelessly out of control, I will have a six months supply of all the rice and beans I could ever want.

Benefits and Features of GoldSilver.com

I had to do my homework before I invested my hard earned cash in Mike Mahoney’s company. As appealing as the rice and beans to complement my precious metals order were, I needed to be sure that he was offering truly competitively priced bullion. The results of my research reassured me.

It turns out that GoldSilver.com does exactly what the web site advertises; it in fact does sell competitively priced Gold and Silver Eagles. Such highly sought out coins are just a part of their specialized investment grade precious metals catalog. The company is continuously focused on offering only the best and most sought after of liquid pieces for competitive prices.

They provide highly competitive pricing for the majority of the different bullion products that they sell. You can get current year and earlier Silver and Gold Eagles, along with a range of other kinds of silver and gold coins, rounds, and bars. I also learned that their pricing for silver and gold jewelry is similarly competitive, as is their “Survival Food” offering.

A Holistic Precious Metals Program from GoldSilver.com

When I read that GoldSilver.com was pushing a holistic precious metals program, I did not understand what they meant by this. It sounded suspiciously to me like an alternative medicine reference. Yet this is exactly what they are doing, providing a one-stop shop of precious metals services to make it easier for the average Joe on the street like me to get his own gold and silver coins to have at home or in his Gold IRA for retirement.

Mike Mahoney and company are more than happy to ship your new precious metals directly to you, over to one of their nationally known secure storage facility partners, or to sock them away for the future in an IRS-approved IRA retirement account. Your metals can grow in value on a tax-free basis here. They call it a turnkey approach.

Their network of solutions for precious metals includes much more than simply selling and shipping gold and silver coins to your door. They will hook you up with their vault storage partners in Utah and Delaware, share their list of retirement specialists with you, and so on and so forth. It makes it easy for you to not only take advantage of their highly competitive precious metals pricing, but also to engage in informed and confident precious metals investing decisions.

The Fantastic GoldSilver.com Insider Program

Mike Mahoney and company are also offering a highly compelling customer loyalty program. Should you buy more than 10 ounces of gold or in excess of 500 ounces in silver bullion and coins, or even engage in a number of orders that together total more than this quantity of gold and silver bullion, then they will enroll you (at no extra charge and with no further obligations) into their proprietary GoldSilver.com Insider Program. This provides you with coveted access to the weekly reports from the silver and gold precious metals markets, a daily two minute market summary briefing delivered by the guru Mike Mahoney personally, the exit strategy from GoldSilver.com, and other useful and fun features that together all equip you with the necessary insider edge to investing profitably and safely in the complex.

GoldSilver.com Payment Methods

Buying and completing your purchases with GoldSilver.com is easy and simple to do. Fortunately they do not require that you make any minimum or maximum sized purchase. You are allowed to buy with a debit card or credit card and even conveniently to pay through PayPal.

You can also purchase your precious metals with Bitcoin, which gets you a nice three percent discount on your final order total. On those Bitcoin transactions that are greater than one million dollars of cash equivalent, you can call GoldSilver.com directly to complete your order (instead of doing it online). It also nets you a nice four percent discount if you choose to pay through a personal check or directly with a bank account wire.

But Does GoldSilver.com Offer A Buy Back Program?

The reassuring news I learned is that if you decide to cash out your precious metals for profits, you do not have to go about the hassle of transferring the physical assets around town looking for a buyer. You are able to sell back your bullion directly to GoldSilver.com. The company has a few limitations and restrictions that are fair once you consider them.

The primary limitation is that you are only allowed to sell them back those products purchased from them in the same increments which they stock. The products have to be in new condition. These rules permit them to re-sell your offerings to other buyers of their easy to understand precious metals coins, bullion bars, and rounds. They also accept international buy backs from their overseas customers.

The company pays out with an international wire transfer on international buybacks. This includes a reasonable $25 wire fee to cover the bank costs for the transaction. Customers who are within the continental United States are able to get their buy back payouts via e-check or check at no additional transaction costs.

In order to set up a buy back contract, all that you have to do is to log on to your own GoldSilver.com account or phone them. The company representatives will happily help you to establish such a buyback contract with them. They will provide you with written instructions on where to insure ship your coins in for final verification and approval.

After the firm has certified your physical product sale to them, they will dispatch your payment proceeds in three days or less from the time that they received your goods at their Santa Monica, California office headquarters. I studied this buy back policy to compare it to other gold and silver dealing companies, and I did not find anything wrong with it or lacking in the policies. It appears to be as good as or better than the competitors. In fact it sets an industry standard for product buybacks.

GoldSilver Pro’s & Con’s

Like with any company, GoldSilver Pro’s & Con’s mean that you should consider the company carefully before purchasing from them. We look at these GoldSilver Pro’s & Con’s in this next section.

The Pros

  • Mike Mahoney encourages his would-be customers to learn from his impressive experience using the educational materials and investing tools available for free on the website GoldSilver.com
  • Mahoney launched his company in 2005 by writing the all time best seller and authority on the subject the “Guide to Investing in Gold and Silver,” and it remains the biggest hit authority book on precious metals investing of all time. He went on to lead huge investment seminars around the planet
  • The company features a considerable array of silver and gold coins, rounds, bullion, and a few collectibles
  • Pricing with the company is fully transparent
  • Their business philosophy is widely credited and admired for its ethics
  • Free shipping is standard with GoldSilver.com (including packing and insurance) on all orders within the U.S. that are minimally $499. The free shipping offer on purchases that exceed $499 comes with shipping to any of their approved secure storage facility partners around the United States

The Cons

  • The precious metals product catalog is quite limited and specific compared to rivals in the industry
  • Other firms have more user friendly websites (like JM Bullion) that are modeled for the average users and include an exciting sales and product page
  • GoldSilver.com is really after the bigger investors who are looking for a no-hassle, simple, unadorned approach to investing large sums of money in the complex
  • The website for GoldSilver.com is almost embarrassingly simple compared to many rivals’ web pages


GoldSilver.com sets itself apart from the crowded field of competitors by offering free, high quality, and easy to understand investment advice. Their dozens of learned professionals explain these markets with straightforward and practiced ease. The company remains a huge believer in having educated customers who purchase at the right time in the gold and silver price cycle with a solid plan for exiting in profits. Their expertise and experience in these bullion markets help them to stand head and shoulders above their average competitors. GoldSilver Fees are both straightforward and reasonable.

The company’s reputation in the business is unsullied. This firm’s professional and high-quality customer service, informational market videos, and competitive transparent pricing makes them leaders in the precious metals field to this day. Mike Mahoney the founder and president of the company remains among the best analysts in the business. Call GoldSilver.com today or go over to their website to learn about the GoldSilver Fees and to see their difference in acquiring precious metals for your portfolio for yourself.