Trump 2020 Coin Review

Collectors absolutely adore the brand-new Trump 2020 Freedom coins that are currently made available in gold and silver. Noble Gold Investments was the issuer of the coin, and they designed this beautiful offering to commemorate all of the great accomplishments that Donald Trump achieved during his first 3 years in office. It is a limited time collector’s item that will only be available for a short time.

The Trump 2020 Freedom Coin

They originally issued the Trump 2020 Freedom coins because they were created in homage to the Great American president who was entering into the final year of his first term as US president. Donald Trump captured the Republican nomination against huge competition and difficult odds. This established him in the world of politics, even though the biased media was totally against him.

His main rival Hillary Clinton and the rest of the Democrats felt that Donald Trump didn’t have a chance at winning the presidency. They were obviously wrong because Trump eventually became the 45th President of the USA.

Noble Gold, a precious metals IRA-focused coin dealer created this coin in celebration of the economic achievements that the president accomplished. It was also to celebrate his exciting tax reforms, the record-breaking stock market, and low unemployment numbers before the coronavirus hit.

Although production is limited, the 2020 Trump coin is made up of 1 ounce of silver or gold. Trump supporters will love it because it makes a great gift. And if you’re going to buy it, just know that this coin doesn’t contain a face value since it wasn’t produced by the US mint. But it’s a valuable coin nonetheless.

Is the Trump 2020 Freedom Coin a Scam? Who’s Behind It?

It probably doesn’t require an actual answer, but in case you’re wondering this coin isn’t any type of a scam. Noble Gold is the company that designed, minted, and markets the Trump 2020 Freedom coin. This well-respected firm is based out of Pasadena, California, and they specialize in gold IRAs and precious metals sales. The founders of this company include Collin Plume and Charles Thorngren, two veterans of the precious metals industry. They are both very actively involved in their company and still handle day-to-day operations.

Noble Gold was founded by Plume and Thorngren because they didn’t like what was happening within the gold broker industry and they wanted to make sure they could help rebuild its reputation. While interacting with individuals while working at other companies, they kept hearing complaint after complaint about phony dealings, no transparency, and other problems from other firms selling precious metals.

They saw an obvious problem in the fact that businesses selling precious metals were more concerned with making money. These companies didn’t really care about their customers and they weren’t trying to deliver value to the people that they sold to.

Since these problems permeated the industry, Plume and Thorngren decided to create their own gold company, and they worked diligently to educate customers, return to their roots, and provide top-quality service and knowledge to help future retirees enhance their retirement portfolios. This is still their main mission to this very day.

Even More Information about the Founders of Noble Gold

The former CEO of Noble Gold, Charles Thorngren, has more than 20 years of experience in the finance business with a focus on investing in precious metals. He primarily concentrates on over-delivering and customer satisfaction and he wants you to know that he’s working hard to help you from the moment he meets you.

Originally he started out trading stocks and bonds in the mid-90s but eventually became an investment banker. After a few years, he started providing his clients with different types of alternative investments including precious metals and real estate. After doing this for a handful of years, he narrowed his focus even further to zero in on precious metals investments like gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. With his experience and solid background in finance, plus his desire to please his customers, he’s a great person to work with to plan your retirement using alternative investments like precious metals.

Collin Plume, current CEO and President, works hard to help clients manage their portfolios and provides strategies to create long-term wealth through alternative investing and other forms of economic diversity. His background varies in the commercial real estate space, property insurance, and most important of all, investing in precious metals. His economics and finance experience makes him a well-rounded investor that can properly advise potential customers and put them on a clear investment path.

Physical Characteristics of the Trump 2020 Freedom Coin

When they struck the Trump 2020 Freedom coin, they used high relief on the back and front. Specifically, we’ll describe the physical characteristics and design specifications of this coin.

The Design of the Trump 2020 Freedom Coin

While looking at the coin, on the obverse or front side you’ll notice President Trump’s bust in the center of the coin. Above it, and centered, reads the word 45th President of the United States. Encircling the bottom half of the coin is the President’s name, Donald J. Trump.

On the reverse side of the coin (meaning the back of the coin) is a picture of an eagle with a shield. The economic achievements of President Trump are also listed. They include:

  • First major tax reform in 30 years
  • Lowest unemployment rate in 18 years
  • Jobless claims lowest since 1973
  • Highest Dow Jones level in history

When you look at the top of the coin you’ll also see the words “Delivering as Promised.” And on the bottom left it says One Troy Ounce and the bottom right says “.9999 Fine Silver.”

Trump 2020 Coin Specs

The specifications for the one Troy ounce silver coin are as follows:

  • 33 mm in diameter
  • one Troy ounce of silver
  • Purity level equals 99.99%

Besides the beautiful silver coin, they also released the Trump 2020 Freedom coin in gold, which is an extra special treat. The reverse and obverse sides of the coin are the same as described above. The specifications include:

  • 33 mm in diameter
  • one Troy ounce of gold
  • Purity level equals 99.95%

The Cost of the 2020 Trump Freedom Coin

This coin is a collector’s edition. It is only made available in limited supply. Because of its rarity, it sells for higher amounts than the typical spot price of gold or silver. In fact, the gold version of this coin sells for $2100. The silver version of this coin sells for $39.95.

The current market value of the coin is very important to gold and silver investing aficionados. This will help you determine the actual worth of the coin if you were ever to try and sell it. At any given moment, the price of gold or silver bullion will fluctuate since it’s part of a living and breathing market.

Since these collectible coins exist, their value is going to change as the spot price of silver and gold rises and falls. The value of the gold coin will fluctuate a great deal more than the value of a silver coin since the silver price doesn’t fluctuate too much. To determine the overall price, you can search online to discover the spot price of gold and silver at any given moment.

Is It Possible to Buy Trump 2020 Freedom Coins for an IRA Account?

Starting a precious metals account means investing a minimum of $5000 to use to buy gold, silver, or platinum and palladium. After this is accomplished and you’ve created your account, you can then buy even more in $1000 increments.

The rules are simple for precious metals IRA accounts. According to the IRS, if you have a silver coin it must pass the purity rating of .999 fineness. If you have a gold coin, it needs to pass the purity rating of .999 fineness, otherwise known as 24 karat gold.

Guess what? The Trump 2020 Freedom coins meet both of these standard levels of purity. Unfortunately though, the IRS treats these coins as rare collectibles. So they do not consider them to be eligible as IRA approved coins even though they meet the purity requirements. That doesn’t mean you couldn’t purchase them as a different type of investment because they should go up in value over the years as the value of gold continues to rise.

Trump 2020 Freedom Coin Pros

  • Noble Gold, a well-respected and highly touted precious metals broker, has struck and minted the Trump Freedom coins.
  • The Trump 2020 Freedom coins are available in silver and gold.
  • The purity levels are of the highest quality, and the silver is .999 fine silver, and the gold is .995 fine gold otherwise known as 24 karat.

Trump 2020 Freedom Coin Cons

  • Since it’s a collector’s item, it sells for more money than the spot price of silver or gold.
  • Also because it’s a collector’s item, it isn’t classified as a potential investment for a precious metals IRA even though it meets the required purity levels.


For those looking for interesting ways to invest in precious metals, they should seriously consider the Trump 2020 Freedom coin in gold or silver. It highlights all of the excellent achievements of President Donald Trump’s first term in office prior to the coronavirus outbreak. Since it’s a collectible coin, it doesn’t qualify as an investment for precious metals IRAs and it sells for higher amounts than the spot price of silver and gold.