Valcambi Gold CombiBar

Valcambi is a company that is a subsidiary of the business European Gold Refineries Holding SA, and they are also the producer of Valcambi Gold CombiBars. As far as gold bars are concerned, this is considered one of the most unique because it set up the same way as a chocolate bar is. If you ever look at a Hershey’s bar, there are little squares of chocolate within the bigger square. The CombiBar is designed the same way, because the total bar weighs 50 g, but there are also 50 individual 1 g squares, that you can break up by hand if you desire.

According to Michael Mesaric, the CEO of Valcambi, he believes that people are looking for more than just an investment in gold. He feels that they want to actually be able to do something with these precious metals.

Intro, history, & development of Valcambi

In 1961, the company named Valcambi &Cambi was founded. And in a few short years, it became a subsidiary of Credit Suisse in 1967.

During the years 1967 through 2003, the company produced and minted bars under the Credit Suisse name. Believe it or not, Valcambi was first to manufacture a gold bar that weighed 1000 g. They were found in Italy for the most part, and very rare to say the least, but some of these bars actually have the name Valcambi etched on them.

In 2003, Newmont Mining Corporation based out of Colorado and Swiss Valcambi joined forces to become EGR. From that point forward, they officially began stamping all of their precious metals with the word Valcambi during the casting and minting process.

It was during April 2011 that the innovative and exciting CombiBar first made its way into existence. This solid gold 50 g bar is actually an investment in 50 small 1 g bars, which are detachable and turn into small standalone bars when needed.

The Gold CombiBar was specifically designed to fit directly into your wallet; it has its own plastic holder and an assay card. This is a major necessity because the gold content is a fineness of .9999, which means it’s a very malleable and easily damaged if it goes directly into your wallet without the extra protection.

Physical characteristics: Valcambi Gold CombiBar

As you can imagine, the design of the CombiBar is really unique and distinguished. It’s a gold bar that is sectioned off into 50 individual pieces, which can be turned into 1 g smaller investments that you can use as potential legal tender if you ever need it during a serious financial crisis or potentially devastating situation.

The Design

Valcambi is exclusively licensed as the sole producer of CombiBars. These 1 g bars of gold are minted using the format known as DIN A8. Each one of these 1 g bars has a fineness of 999.9, weighs 1 g each, and contains the Valcambi logo pressed onto the bar.

At the base of each one of these individual bars, you’ll discover a rectangle containing words in French that say CHI ESSAYEUR FONDEUR, that translate very loosely into the phrase assayer founder. This stamp is an official choice for the refinery and acts as a guarantee highlighting the quality of these gold bars. They used French as their language of choice because there is no official language in Switzerland.

The Valcambi logo is represented on the back of the 50 g bar in a diamond shaped design. The words Valcambi Suisse, 50 g fine gold and 999.9 are also located on the back of each bar. There is even a unique serial number on the reverse side of these bars.

If you request it with the company, you can have your CombiBar purchased with design customizations. And according to the wishes of the client, they can change the design on the reverse or obverse side as long as the compulsory marks remain present according to Swiss customs.

CombiBar Specs

This gold bar is designed to fit in a credit card slot in your average and ordinary wallet. The overall specifications are as follows:

  • The width is 74.00 m
  • The height is 52.50 mm
  • The thickness is .085 mm
  • The Weight is 1.607 ounces
  • The gold content is .9999 fine gold, or 99.99%

Pricing the Valcambi Gold CombiBar

Differing from traditional bullion coins, you cannot use a gold bar as legal tender, so they do not have a transactional value printed on the front. These bars are intended to act as an alternative to gold coins and traditional gold bars. If you want a larger gold bar, leave it intact. If you’re looking for smaller gold bars, break it up into 50 separate pieces. The choice is yours.

When you divide up the segments of the CombiBar, you don’t have to worry about the smaller segment somehow losing their value. This commodity doesn’t act like diamonds. As long as you do not compromise the quality of the gold, the 1 g gold pieces will maintain its value, just like the 50 g gold bar would.

Opening a Gold IRA to Invest in Valcambi Gold CombiBars

As an investor looking to open an individual retirement account, you’ll have to follow the requirements to invest in precious metals set forth by the IRS.

You can only invest in bullion with IRS approval if you’d like to add it to your self-directed IRA account. The precious metals that qualify include platinum, silver, palladium, and gold coins and bars.

CombiBars from Valcambi also qualify because they meet the minimum requirements for purity that the IRS has set forth. So you can definitely invest in these exciting gold bars as part of your precious metals retirement account.

We recommend buying all of your Valcambi Gold CombiBars from a well-respected and reputable gold broker online. To open an IRA account, you’ll have to purchase a minimum of $5000 worth of precious metals to start. And each subsequent purchase will take place in $1000 increments. Go online to find the best precious metals IRA broker doing business today and contact them to get started.