What is a Noble Gold IRA?

The stock and forex markets are great investment vehicles. However, when an economic crisis hits, the markets take a nosedive and you could lose a lot of your investment.

On the other hand, Precious metals are less affected by economic crises, which explain why so many people would want to invest in them instead of stocks and bonds for a long-term investment. If you are not sure about your retirement accounts’ value, you need to consider precious metals such as gold and silver.

Noble Gold Investments offers you a chance to invest in gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and coins for your retirement. Is the company right for you? With so many precious stones and coins investment companies, I decided to check out how Noble Gold Investments stacks up against the competition.

What is Noble Gold Investments?

Founded by Charles Thorngren and Collin Plume in 2017, Noble Gold Investments operates from Pasadena, California, United States. The founders started their investment journeys with other forms of investment before they delved into precious metals.

The company operates out of Pasadena, California, but they have their main depository in Dallas, Texas. Noble Gold has partnered with the International Depository Services Group (IDS) to offer safe storage for your precious metals. But if you would rather have your precious metals in a depository near you, the company also has depositories in Ontario, Canada, and Delaware. You can also have the precious metals delivered to your home.

According to the founders, the company started as a way to rectify the unsatisfactory services they received from other companies in the industry. True to their words, the Noble Gold does not hard sell its products to customers – they give facts and you choose when you need to buy.

Noble Gold Management Team

The Noble Gold management team comprises of the two founders, Charles Thorngren and Collin Plume. Here are their backgrounds.

Charles Thorngren – CEO

Charles Thorngren is the acting CEO of Noble Gold. Before founding Noble Gold, Thorngren worked as a precious metals and financial investor for different other companies. He brings to Noble Gold more than two decades of investment experience. He started out selling bonds and stocks in 1995 and has never left the investment arena since.

Thorngren attributes his success to his ability to offer unparalleled customer service. From selling bonds and stocks, he moved to investment banking before establishing his own investment company. Through his company, he offered his customers different investment options, from bonds, stocks, real estate, and precious metals.

Although he had so much success with his clients in different investment portfolios, he instead focused on precious metals. With precious metals, Thorngren was sure that his clients would not face the uncertainty that comes with other forms of investment. Today, he advises his clients on investment, wealth building, and retirement.

Collin Plume – President

Like Thorngren, Plume had been in the financial investment industry for a long time before starting Noble Gold. As the president, he advises clients on managing their assets and building wealth for the future. He worked in commercial real estate, precious metals investment, and property insurance before he joined Thorngren in founding Noble Gold. His background in economics and finance gave him the knowledge to help investors during the Great Recession.

He attributes his growing success to years of research and focus on crisis management. During his research, Plume has read several books by Ron Paul and G. Edward Griffin – these books have helped him appreciate the stability of precious metals. Before starting Noble Gold, he worked for a precious metals company where he rose to be one of the most notable brokers in the United States. In one year, he realized more than $28 million in sales.

Which Products Does Noble Gold Investments Offer?

Noble Gold offers gold and silver for your Individual Retirement Account. With these two metals, you have a chance to grow your investment dollars in precious metals instead of traditional assets such as real estate, stocks, and bonds.

From gold and silver, you have several investment choices from gold bars and gold coins. Better yet, you can buy bars and coins in different metals including gold, silver, palladium, and platinum. They also add the Noble Bitcoin for any investor who wants to do cryptocurrencies. With blockchain technology taking over many industries, cryptocurrencies are likely the currencies of the future and that is why Noble Gold introduced Bitcoin.

Which Coins Can Your Buy with Noble Gold?

You can buy coins in four categories including platinum, palladium, silver, and gold. Here are the main coins offered by Noble Gold.

Gold Coins

• American Gold Eagle Proof Coins
• American Gold Eagle Coins
• Australian Gold Kangaroo Coins
• Austrian Gold Philharmonic Coins
• Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Coins
• Pamp Suisse 100 GM Gold Bar
• Pamp Suisse Lady Fortuna Gold Bars
• 4-Piece-Set Proof Gold American Eagle
• I Kilo Gold Bar
• Perth Mint 1 ounce Gold Bar

They even have a special Trump coin for 2020.  

Silver Coins

• 1 ounce Canadian Silver Maple Leaf Coin
• 1 ounce American Silver Eagle Coin
• 5 ounces America the Beautiful Silver Coins
• 1 ounce Austrian Silver Philharmonic Coin
• 1 ounce Australian Silver Kangaroo Coin
• 1 Kilogram Australian Silver Coin
• 5 ounces Highland Mint Silver Bar
• 1 ounce Highland Mint Silver Round
• 1921 Morgan AU Silver Dollar
• 10 ounces Republican Metals Silver Bar
• Pre-1921 Morgan AU
• 1 ounce Rand Refinery Silver Bar
• 1 oz American Silver Eagle Proof Coin
• 100 oz Republic Metals Silver Bar
• Junk Silver Coins

Check out this page on popular silver coins.

Platinum Coins

• American Platinum Eagle Coins
• Baird and Co Platinum Bars
• 1 ounce Canadian Platinum Maple Leaf

Read about the best platinum coins for investors.

Palladium Coins

• American Platinum Eagle Coins
• Baird and Co Platinum Bars
• 1 ounce Canadian Platinum Maple Leaf

Rare Coins

• 4-Piece Indian St. Gauden Set minted in, 1909, 1927, 1928, and 1932
• Morgan Silver Dollar from 1879 and 1881
• 1854 Kellogg $20-Coin

If you need a wide range of investment opportunities, Noble Gold has an extensive list of bars, bullion, and coins.

Does Noble Gold Offer Precious Metals IRA Accounts?

Noble Gold offers precious metals IRA with the same rules that banks and other investors offer. Granted, you will not see much difference when you roll over your IRA except that instead of FIAT currency, you have gold.

With the Noble Gold IRA, you can start withdrawing your deposits once you hit 59.5 years. The same way bonds and stocks IRA do not guarantee specific returns from your investment, precious metals IRA does not guarantee a specific value. The commodities market determines the price of gold and silver and that is what determines your returns.

Granted, the value of your investment moves with the commodities market and will vary from day to day. However, the advantage of gold and silver precious metals is that they have been rising in value for thousands of years. You might see slight fluctuations in prices from one day to the next, but the value of the two metals will not collapse overnight.

Unlike stocks that might go all the way to $0 over a short period, that has not happened with gold and silver, and your investment is, therefore, safe. With Noble Gold, you can invest in either coins or bars. However, these must be 99.9 percent pure metals (indicated as ‘.999’).

What Makes Noble Gold Investment Unique?

Collectibles and Rare Numismatic Coins

Noble Gold offers rare coins for investors who want a chance to buy rare coins and wait for their value to rise. You can also invest in collectible items. All rare coins offered by Numismatic come with grading and certification from renowned numismatic organizations to ensure that you are investing in quality coins.

You will find many coins from American history, most of which have gained so much value over the years.

Secure Storage

Noble Gold Investments has never lost precious metals in a repository or during shipping as they take the security of your investments seriously. All the depository facilities are registered and follow international security standards. The repositories have to pass strict vetting before they are approved as storage sites.

The only way to invest in a gold IRA is to hold the physical metals. Noble Gold does not sell shares in mining companies or substandard metals, but pure metals you can touch and carry home.

The company is big in Texas, where they established the first precious metals repository in partnership with International Depository Services, IDS. For a long time Texas Oil Magnate has invested in gold and silver as a hedge against the price of gold and oil. Until the establishment of the Noble Gold depository in Dallas, oil investors had the challenge of storing their precious metals.

The Dallas depository came after Governor Greg Abbott signed the Texas bullion depository bill (HB 483), laying down the requirements for building and managing a bullion depository in Texas. The state did not have a budget for such a project. And even if they had, the depository might not have allowed private investors to store their precious metals.

Through a partnership with International Depository Services (IDS), Noble Gold offered the first private precious metals depository facility for your IRA investment needs.

Besides the Texas depository, you can deposit in Delaware, New Castle, and Ontario.

How Safe are the Storage Facilities?

Your gold and silver investments are safe without ever leaving the country. New York and Delaware no longer have to be the only states that can store your precious metals. The storage facility in Texas might be the most secure.

Unlike other states, Texas guards state rights at all costs. The state was not always subject to the laws of the United States. It made its own laws most of which are still in effect today. Granted, the state is a great place for the Noble Gold depository for the people of Texas and the surrounding states.

The IDS storage facility in Dallas is one of the most secure sites as the Texas government protects any property in the state.

You can choose a storage facility near you to access your precious metals whenever you need them. All the depository facilities are covered by an insurance policy from Lloyd’s of London.

The facilities have sophisticated vaults and are patrolled by armed guards all the time. They also have the latest technologies as is the standard set by international depository services.

Royal Survival Packs

Noble Gold understands that you can exchange your gold or silver for money or goods, and for this reason, they ship the precious metals to your door. In case of a pandemic or crisis, the precious metals shipped to you can help you out.

The survival packs are for investors who need to ensure that their families are covered in the event of a disaster, an earthquake, war, pandemic, or flooding. In instances where you cannot access your bank or where FIAT currency no longer works as a means of exchange, the royal survival packs come in handy.

The pack contains a mix of gold and silver coins, bars, and bullions handpicked by the Noble Gold Team. You can sock away the pack in a remote location only you know.

The Royal Survival Packs are for investors who do not need an IRA and instead wants to store their precious metals at home. A survival pack mails straight to your door. The company ships the packages discreetly and privately. These packages are also insured, and you will have your package within five days. Only choose these packs if you have a secure storage safe at home.

If you’d rather have a more secure and insured storage, you can buy these packs and have them stored in any of the three Noble Gold storage facilities. If you are outside the US, it is best to have the packs stored in a vault in the US. The company accepts dollars and Bitcoins as payment.

Noble Gold Fees

To start investing with Noble Gold, you need at least $2,000. This is the lowest investment minimum in the industry as the company aims to attract so many investors.

Once you start your investment, you will need to pay $150 every year as storage fee for your IRA gold. Unlike other forms of investment, you cannot store your IRA gold at home, thanks to the federal government regulations.

Other Noble Gold fees include an $80 annual fee for your IRA account. This brings to the total annual cost of running your IRA account to $230. Luckily, there are no account opening fees.

If you choose the Royal Survival Packs, which range between $5,000 and $500,000, you will not need to pay any storage fees. The packs come to your home and you are in charge of their security. Noble Gold partners with different supplies and partners to offer great prices for their precious metals. Besides the administration and storage fees, the market and economic factors determine the prices of precious metals offered by Noble Gold.

Noble Gold Buy Back Program

The Noble Gold BuyBack Program comes in handy when you want to sell your gold. Noble Gold buys back your precious metals without any questions. This is a great option for investors in long-term investments and not necessarily those making retirement investments.

Cryptocurrencies IRA

Cryptocurrencies IRA is for investors who want to diversify their retirement savings. The introduction of Noble Bitcoin was an innovative way for Noble Gold to diversify investment portfolio. If you need to invest in digital currency, the Noble Bitcoin is not connected to the US dollar or the stock market, which makes its value relatively stable. Bitcoin is a decentralized currency, like other cryptocurrencies, which means it is not under the control of any bank. Granted, the government cannot mint more of it. Granted, the value of the Bitcoin rises as more people show their interest in it.

Besides Bitcoin, Noble also offers other cryptocurrencies in its cryptocurrency IRA including Ethereum, Ripple, and Litecoin. You can rollover different IRA accounts into Noble Gold’s Cryptocurrency IRA including 401(k) and 403(b).

What Customers Say about Noble Gold Investments

Noble Gold has been in operation since 2017. Nevertheless, the company has found favor with so many IRA investors and has created a great record for itself.

Noble Gold has an accreditation from Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating, which is the highest possible rating. BBB’s high rating is an indication that the business responds to complaints fast and has been able to take care of any legal actions against them fast.

The accreditation from BBB means that the company advertises honestly, they honor any promises they make, customers trust them, and they always respond to customers.

Noble Gold has a good reputation on TrustLink, where it has a rating of 5 out of the possible 5. Customer reviews on both a TrustLink and BBB are all positive as an indication that Noble Gold has been able to offer good customer service to all its customers.

How Does Noble Gold Compare Against the Competition?

I wanted to see how Noble Gold stacks up against other precious metals IRA companies. Some of the other companies include Goldco and Advantage Gold.

Investment Minimum – Noble Gold is the best for investors looking to invest a small amount of money. You only need $2,000 to start investing with Noble Gold while other companies require at least $5,000 (such as Regal Assets) and some even as high as $25,000 (such as Goldco and Advantage Gold).
Annual Fees – The Noble Gold fees are not any different from what other companies charge. However, some companies waive off fees for the first year when you deposit a certain amount of money – that doesn’t happen with Noble Gold.
Rollover Process – It is easy to open an account on Noble Gold. You can complete at least 90 percent of the application process within 10 minutes. However, you still cannot complete the whole application online. For most other companies, rolling over might require you to fill a very long PDF or start the rollover process by making a call.
Customer Support – Noble Gold offers excellent customer service like most other precious metal companies. You can send a support ticket, send them an email, or make a call and the customer support will be there to help you. However, the company lacks live chat.
Experience in Business – The Noble Gold management team is experienced, but the company has only been in operation since 2017. Other companies have been in operation for decades and have garnered so much industry experience.
Security – Since most precious metal companies partner with IDS, the security of Noble Gold is no different from that of other companies.
Investment Options – The Noble Gold Bitcoin is a new investment option only available in select precious metals investment companies. Most companies have not yet embraced cryptocurrencies and only offer coins, bars, and bullion in different precious metals.

Noble Gold Pro’s and Con’s

• Low account minimum at only $2,000 which means most people can start saving for their investment today.
• Competitive yearly fees at $230 for an IRA account (for storage and account management).
• Zero setup fees so you can get started immediately.
• Has a wide selection of products including coins, bars, and bullions of different precious metals such as silver, gold, platinum, and palladium.
• Customers like the company as seen on TrustLink and Better Business Review.
• Easy setup process that takes 10 minutes for the online section.
• Great customer service with support available through call, email, and ticket system. The company also helps select coins, bars, and bullion if you choose the royal survival pack.

• The company does not offer a live chat function as most other companies do
• There are only three storage facilities for a company that serves the US, Canada, and other countries
• The company is still new in the industry having started in 2017

How to Rollover Your IRA with Noble Gold

If you have an old retirement plan that you’d like to move to precious metals IRA, you can do so with Noble Gold. The process is seamless.

You can use 60-day rollover method as it is the easiest. Here, the administrator from your old retirement plan sends you a check and you have to deposit the check with Noble Gold within 60 days. You can also choose to roll over with the custodian-to-custodian method where the check is directly sent to Noble Gold from your old retirement plan.

To roll over using this last method, start by opening an investment account with Noble Gold. Start the investment process by downloading the free guide on the Noble Gold homepage. Once you fill the application form, Noble Gold works with your old retirement plan administrator to roll your assets into your 401(k) or your IRA in the created account.

After funding your account, open the site and select the bars or coins you’d like to buy and add them to your account. After the purchase process, the company ships the coins or bars to your door or to your preferred depository. In the depository, the precious metals are insured against theft or loss.

Educational Resources on Noble Gold

If you are investing in precious metals for the first time, Noble Gold offers you resources to help you get started.

For starters, the company has a blog that covers all investment options with precious metals and how you can invest the right way to get the best of your investments. The articles are investment tips from different investors, why some precious metals are better than others, and upcoming investment opportunities.

The company also has a new section that keeps you updated with the happenings in the investment arena. Although most of the articles focus on “Noble Gold on the News,” they can still give investors insights on how to invest better.

Besides, the company has a YouTube channel with at least 100 videos where the company focuses on content such as trade with China, impact of crises on the price of precious metals, and the industrial uses of silver among others. Most of the videos are guides for investors to find their way into precious metals IRA.

The free gold guide is the ultimate resource for all customers. This guide provides everything you need to know to get started on precious metals investments.

Customer Service

You can reach Noble Gold IRA through their phone ((877) 646-5347) during business hours all week long. You can also visit the company offices located in 1S. Fair Oaks Suite 207, Pasadena California 91105 or write to them through the email address info@nobleira.com. There is also contact form on the website where you can leave your message.

If you are always on social media, you can reach Noble Gold through Twitter and Facebook. The administrators are always quick to respond to your queries to help you with your investment. On Facebook, the company has more than 1000 followers.

The only challenge with Noble Gold is the lack of a live chat and the discussions on social media are not so engaging. Other than that, you will get excellent services every time you reach out.

Should You Invest With Noble Gold Investments?

After seeing Noble Gold Pro’s and Con’s, should you invest?

The company is a good choice for you if you are a retirement saver who wants to start in precious metals with $2,000 and build the investment from there. This way, you do not have to blame your failure of investment to lack of resources.

Again, the company offers platinum and palladium, two precious metals that are not common with most other companies. These two metals will help diversify your investment portfolio so your IRA investment is more stable.

If you are a prepper and are not sure of the conventional financial system’s future, then the Noble Gold royal survival pack is for you. Noble Gold ships the metals to your home so you can use them in the event of a disaster. You will be in charge of the handpicked metals’ security, but they come in handy when you need fast access to money and the banks are not working.

If you have interests in digital currencies, you can roll over your IRA with Cryptocurrency IRA on Noble Gold. The Noble Bitcoin might be a good option for you although there are other cryptocurrencies. This option is ideal for investors who are worried that the US Dollar might not be as strong as it has always been.

Start Investing with Noble Gold

The online application process is straightforward. After you have created your account, a Noble Gold representative will contact you so you can confirm your account. During the application process online, Noble Gold requires that you enter the following details:

Personal Details

• Name
• Phone number
• Email address
• Home address
• Marital status
• Social security number

Investment Details

• Name of the current custodian
• Current investment account type
• Investment account number of the current account
• The amount of assets you wish to wish to roll over to Noble Gold

Beneficiary Details

• The legal name of the beneficiary you choose
• Beneficiary’s residential address
• Relationship to you
• The percentage of the investment assets you wish to give to your beneficiary
• Check whether these are primary or contingent beneficiaries

Once you send out the form, you will be ready to fund your account and start buying precious metals.

Final Thoughts

Although Noble Gold has only operated since 2017, the company brings so much experience to the industry. Combined, the CEO and the President have more than 40 years of experience in precious metals and financial investments.

It is unique thanks to its crypto IRA, a new way for retirement savers to diversify their investments. I like Noble Gold for its educational resources, especially the blog and new sections that are always updated. If you are new to precious metal investments, you can learn a lot from these two and more resources to get started.

The company has a wide range of investment options – so many coins, bars, and bullion. Anyone who wishes to diversify can select from more than 30 coins and bars options. If you do not know which coins are best, you can allow Noble Gold to handpick some for you through the Royal Survival Pack. Lastly, the company’s storage facilities are secure.