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Realizing the eventual reality of retirement brought me to think about my life without a weekly pay check from work.

A wide range of retirement investments have enticed me, but the tax protection of an IRA investment led me to consider APMEX and its deals on precious metals. Individual retirement accounts (IRAs) presented me with a way of keeping my retirement fund from being taxed.

There are IRAs that I can open for collectables like cars and race horses.

Stocks are common assets that investors place within IRA accounts. Real estate, businesses and savings accounts are allocated into an IRA like the one I have. Among the most popular assets to hold within an IRA are precious metals. I was first startled by terms like gold, silver and platinum IRAs, but they all mean IRAs for precious metals.

Once I realized the financial benefits of investing into precious metals, I discovered one of the leading dealers in the bullion trade. No matter which agency sets up your bullion IRA, you then need a distributor to sell you gold, silver or platinum to put into your holdings. APMEX isn’t just the largest among bullion distributors around the globe, but it’s now rated as among the most trusted by gold buyers.


#1 Best Company

American Hartford Gold

Best Buyback Program

Augusta Precious Metals

Most Educational ($50,000 Minimum)

APMEX—The Gold Market for Serious Investors

Building your retirement fund with precious metals is a long-term strategy that requires patience. I couldn’t make a serious investment until I understood all of the basic facets of precious metals. Numismatic coins and bars don’t acquire value in the way that stock or property does, so you need a strategy based on how agencies like APMEX work.

Like me, you can take a step toward investing with APMEX once you understand the following answers that it offers us:

Who should be thinking about investments in precious metal?

The precious metals at APMEX are for all ages.

The APMEX website is organized to give all experience levels the data needed to acquire their ideal assets with. Bullion, which is the industry term for precious metals in their rawest forms, is ideal for those who want to hedge inflation. Bank and savings accounts are assets that are exposed to inflation, making APMEX’s gold ideal if you want to outperform fiat.

What’s the difference between owning and storing precious metals?

Some investors can order gold and silver and then have it delivered right to their doorsteps.

Investors that rely on IRAs, instead, have their metals kept within a deposit box for them. Standard IRA accounts are intended to boost your potential savings by being “out of sight and out of mind.” The distance that an APMEX IRA is kept from you ensures that you don’t causally withdrawal your holdings.

What financial challenges do precious metals solve?

By putting the recommended four to 12% of their investment capital into bullion, investors protect themselves from unstable markets. It’s possible for gold to become a medium of exchange during a collapse of global economies, so buying precious metals from APMEX will protect you from inflation and times of uncertainty.

What can you expect from precious metals at APMEX?

Guaranteed quality is the promise that APMEX gives for all of its precious metals. You can expect price stability from precious metals, which offer a sense of confidence that no other investment gives. The historic prices of gold and silver have been relatively stable over the past 25 years, and many analysts see this trend as ready to continue.

How are precious metals priced?

APMEX sells and even buys precious metals based on spot prices.

The live price of any precious metal is called a spot price and is the same throughout all global markets. Each spot price is based on the current orders in the market that offer to buy or sell a bullion product. APMEX records spot prices and then presents them to you as the values from which their own products are priced through.

Regardless, the spot price of a precious metal constantly changes and is based on:

*Supply: The more gold there is in the market, for example, the lower its price will be. Expect to see APMEX’s prices rise when less gold is being found by mining companies.
*Demand: No matter how available a bullion product is, the desire that people have to own it is a driving factor behind the rise or fall of its price at APMEX.
*Age: Bullion is unique because it holds within it a glimpse into history. Coins, for example, are stamped with specific dates and historical figures.

What are some products held within an IRA depository?

Four types of precious metals can be held within an IRA account.

Gold, silver, platinum and padallium, due to their lusters and densities, are used for IRAs. The purity of a bullion product makes it unique from jewelry or the precious metals found within computers and phones. Gold bullion, for example, when in its raw state, has a purity value of .999%. Metals derive value from their purities.

The Retirement Solution You’ve Been Looking For

APMEX has a section within its website that’s dedicated to items approved for IRAs. The limitation put on which metals are eligible for IRAs exists due to the tax protection that you get with these investments. With the intent of providing a vast option of items for your IRA, APMEX provides these leading products that I thought were worth investing in:

*The American Eagle: The “American eagle” is a gold coin recognized by its obverse image of Lady Liberty. Many countries make coins, but the American eagle is popular within the gold market because it’s stamped with a troy ounce of gold as its full weight. The coin is collectable and, though it remains a troy ounce, will gain more value as any specific one you have gets older.

*The Gold Buffalo: On its front side, the “gold buffalo” has on it a historic image of a native American. The coin’s American Indian was derived from the original “buffalo nickel” of 1913. Today, the gold buffalo enlarges an image of the wild buffalo that its predecessor had, and this drawing is James Earle Fraser’s work. For use in modern IRAs, the gold buffalo was first released in gold in June of 2006.

*The Australian Platypus: The “platinum platypus,” though minted by the Australian government, is acceptable as a viable asset for your IRA. This coin is recognized for its smooth texture with raised levels that forward an image of a platypus diving into submerged vegetation. Queen Elizabeth II is depicted on the front of the coin. Her image is a crowned busk as encrusted by a proofed finish. “Proofs” are coins that are stamped by polished dies, giving coins a glossy look.

*The Austrian Gold Bar: Múnze Osterreich produces many of the gold bars distributed from Austria. Gold bars from Austria are found at weights of up to 250 grams, which equals 8.04 ounces. The bar is casted in a way that gives its form rounded edges and its letters a deep imprint. Two hundred and fifty grams is a fair amount of gold to have if you want “some weight” to hold within your hands. All gold bars from Austrian suppliers are sold with their country’s indented seal.

*The Gold Panda: Gold creates such a large market that even China sells assets that you can expand your gold IRA with. The Chinese first minted its “gold panda” coin in 1982. The gold panda is sold in five sizes with “the one ounce” as the largest that you can buy. On the obverse side of the gold panda is the Temple of Heaven, which, though built in 1406, still stands today. Depending on the year it was minted, you’ll find either one or two pandas pressed into your Chinese coin.

Starting with Benefits and Core Features

Investors prefer precious metals as investments because numismatic metals are collectables.

While stocks tend to induce emotional swings in you, as a collector of coins, you won’t find your gold rapidly changing in price value. APMEX guarantees that you can convert your collection into cash at any time. As long as you bought the bullion from them, APMEX buys back your items when those items are still in mint condition.

You don’t need a cunning strategy when you buy or sell precious metals.

No one has to buy houses, move the economy or sell new IPOs to improve the value of your gold assets. Precious metals are attractive, so there’s always a big market of buyers to sell to. When collectables are considered, the market prices of gold and silver rise well above the market value of the actual weight of metal an item has.

A Better Understanding—Why Gold is Right for You

I started looking into bullion as a means of diversification. Sure, you can protect yourself from inflation, but successful investors need to put their money into a variety of asset types in order to hedge their estates. Diversification protects investors by enabling them to rely on more than one asset that they can gain investment value from.

Investors who put all of their money into a single asset are exposed to great risks.

You can minimize investment risks by allocating your money into a number of asset types, and APMEX gold is one of the safest “havens” for investors to consider.

APMEX Pro’s and Cons

I didn’t get to the point of using APMEX without first encountering negative stories about gold investing. APMEX is seen as a market standard regarding how gold distributors should do business, but it’s best that you define what it is about APMEX that you can benefit from the most. Here are the “pros and cons” that I discovered:

The Cons

  • Nonconvertible: Many gold buyers are elated by the physical presence of gold in their hands, but precious metals can’t be used to buy bread, clothes or pay rent.
  • Price Drops: Precious metals do exist in a sustainable market, but price drops can and might occur.
  • Commissions—Spreads: APMEX makes some of its money through what’s called a spread, which is the difference between “buy and ask prices.” The spread tells you what price APMEX buys gold back at versus what price it will sell to you at.
  • No Possession: With IRAs, though you’re contractually in ownership of precious metals, you won’t see any of it or know if it’s there in your deposit box.

The Pros

  • All Bullion Products: The biggest advantage with AMPEX is its large selection of bullion products that you can find in a single place.
  • Available Discounts: Regardless of the trending prices for precious metals, APMEX often has exciting discounts to truly make bullion trading profitable.
  • Reliable Prices: You can rely on the live prices every time that you look at the values listed within APMEX’s website.
  • Customer Service: All of your questions and concerns are directly taken care of through a reliable department for customer service.
  • Free Deliveries: You don’t pay shipping fees for purchases that are $99 or more.
  • Guaranteed to Buy Back: APMEX buys back whatever it sells to you and whenever you want to sell it back.

Why I Recommend Starting a Gold IRA

I recommend getting over to the APMEX website immediately if you want a clear understanding of what the bullion market consists of. You can then decide for yourself if APMEX is right for you. To get started with an IRA account with APMEX, you’ll need to pay $15 a month in APMEX fees if you have $25,000 or less regarding the value of your bullion.

APMEX fees can also be extended to $50 or $75 if shipping is required when you send all of your bullion to your address. Paying for bullion is also easy; bitcoin is an option. (If you are into bitcoin investing, check out BitGold.)  Bank transfers, checks and credit cards are also accepted. Head over to APMEX with an open mind, for there’s more to learn there than any investor could comprehend in a lifetime.