California Numismatic Metals Review

I have been interested in adding precious metals to my IRA for quite some time. I always had a reason as to why I had not done so. I claimed I was too busy, was uncertain which company to invest with, and promised I would take care of it.

The truth is I was scared. Have you ever thought about investing in precious metals for your IRA? Are you afraid of the potential consequences? When I finally admitted my fear, I decided to go with my standby, conducting a lot of research.

At first, I was really discouraged. Every company I found was either disreputable, not even close to competitive or the representatives made the hair on the back of my neck stand straight up. Everything changed when I found California Numismatic Metals.

Who is California Numismatic Metals?

California Numismatic Metals is frequently referred to as CNI. The company is a gold dealer offering clients the opportunity to add precious metals to their IRAs. The company was established in 1982 to competitively sell coins and bullion.

The company offers accumulation programs to help you secure rare coins. The company has also established a partnership with a storage facility. This independent facility will securely store your coins.

California Numismatic Metals has been conducting business for more than 30 years. As an established precious metals supplier, CNI is a member of numerous professional and reputable organizations.

The specialties of the company are selling silver, gold, palladium, platinum and rhodium coins and bullion bars. CNI originated in Redondo Beach, California. After conducting business for more than 10 years, the company was relocated.

Since 1986, California Numismatic Metals has been based out of Inglewood, Ca. The owners of the company are Ken Edwards and Richard Schwary. The owners have an extensive history in the industry of precious metals.

Richard Schwary is the President of CNI. He graduated from CSULB with a Bachelor of Science in 1973. For more than a decade, he was the Director of PNG or The Professional Numismatic Guild. He served as the President between 1997 and 1999.

California and the FTC both called on Richard Schwary to serve as an expert witness for rare coins and precious metals. As the Vice President of CNI, Ken Edwards is an experienced public speaker and precious metals professional.

He has granted interviews to CNBC, CNN and PBS regarding silver and gold market situations. Both of these men have made certain California Numismatic Metals will explain how to set up your precious metals IRA.

The company provided me with a catalog showing me which bars and coins were eligible for my Gold IRA. The storage options for independent storage with California Numismatic Metals partnership with CNT were thoroughly explained.

The reason I called CNI was that I had a lot of questions about almost everything. I needed more information about bar and coin premiums, forms of payments and the company itself. The representative I spoke with was exceptional.

Once my questions were answered, I was able to make an educated decision. The straightforward manner of the representative combined with the willingness to answer questions gave me the confidence I needed to invest.

The Benefits of Investing in Precious Metals with California Numismatic Metals

I now realize just how important adding precious metals to my IRA was. If there is another recession or economic hardships, precious metals are my insurance against inflation.

CNI recommended adding between five and 20 percent of precious metal investments to my retirement portfolio. This small percentage is critical for two key reasons. First, the value of precious metals has been consistent throughout history.

When there is economic hardship, the price of precious metals often increases. Second, there is a link between the United States dollar and the value of gold. Rising inflation decreases the value of the United States dollar.

This increases the desire for stable currency including precious metals. The greater demand results in an increase in the value of gold as the value of the United States dollar decreases.

This means the portion of your portfolio with the highest potential profit is precious metals. In my mind, California Numismatic Metals pro’s and cons were now firmly in the pros column.

CNI made me realize just how critical precious metals are for my IRA account. I knew this investment was important, but I did not understand it was crucial until I spoke with CNI. I believe this is the most important part of my portfolio for the future.

You will discover California Numismatic Metals takes your privacy extremely seriously. I have never seen a better or more iron-clad privacy policy. I realize if CNI did not care so much about their clients, this policy never would have been created.

I no longer have any doubts regarding the legitimacy or reputation of California Numismatic Metals. Part of this is due to the extensive research I conducted. The rest is because of the way I was treated when I called CNI and started asking questions.

I understand even if you conduct research, it can be difficult to know who can be trusted. I encourage you to contact the company yourself. You will quickly learn no questions are avoided or not answered thoroughly.

You will never be rushed or pressured. The company wants you to understand everything before you make a decision. CNI wants its clients to be happy. You can ask for advice when you are confused.

The representative I spoke with explained the advantages and disadvantages of making an investment. I was actually told until I could make an informed decision, I should not make any decision at all.

California Numismatic Metals is incredibly well informed, offers extremely good pricing, and is willing to explain even the smallest of details in addition to all of the basics.

When specific products were recommended over others, I was given an explanation. You will learn as I did that any special offers are genuine.

California Numismatic Metals Products

Most of the companies I researched offered both silver and gold. I even found several companies offering palladium and platinum. The only company offering Rhodium bullion bars was California Numismatic Metals.

CNI is also one of the IRA companies with the best ratings. You can purchase all five types of metals for your retirement savings and investments. If you are interested in a wide range of options for precious metals storage, you have found it here.

California Numismatic Investments takes the extra steps necessary to earn your business. I was impressed with the partnership between CNI and CNT for storage. This is a fully secured storage facility.

Not only does Lloyd’s of London insure this facility, but it is also approved by the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. I knew my investment would be completely safe. There is another benefit to making your purchase with California Numismatic Metals.

When you choose to store your investment with CST, you will not have to pay any fees for insurance or shipping. Your precious metals are moved from the company reserves to your personal and segregated account.

If you ever decide you want to have your products delivered, all you need to do is contact CNT to arrange for secure shipping and insurance directly to your address. CNI also offers you a lot more than rare metal coins and bullion bars.

When your Gold IRA account is opened, CNI will make recommendations for three reputable IRA custodians. These are the New Direction IRA, Equity International and GoldStar Trust Company.

You will be assured from the start you are choosing one of the best IRA custodians currently available. Once you select your custodian, the fees to set up your account, purchase precious metals and storage are completely clear.

Rare precious metals are a valuable and stable investment, offering you the potential for immense profits. I have found this is the best possible option for securing my retirement account.

California Numismatic Metals are experts in the best choices for your IRA such as gold, platinum or silver bullion. You will be able to determine the best value because you will receive live quotes for bullion.

Your benefits include excellent national pricing, sales with no commission, insured and free shipping, and answers for all of your questions. California Numismatic Metals offers you numerous different products including:

• Gold Bars from Credit Suisse or PAMP
• Gold Krugerrand
• Lunar Gold Coins
• US Gold Eagle series
• Austrian Philharmonics
• Canadian Gold Maple Leaf
• Chinese Gold Panda

California Numismatic Metals also offers bullion gold pre-1933 including French 20 Franc, Swiss 20 Franc and the British Sovereign. CNI has one of the largest inventories of silver bullion in the country including:

• 40 percent silver bags
• 90 percent silver bags
• One-ounce silver rounds
• The 500 coin American Silver Eagle Monster Box
• Canadian Silver Maple Leaf Monster Box
• One-ounce American Silver Eagles
• 100 or 10-ounce silver bars
• Austrian Silver Philharmonic Monster Box

You will receive the best prices from California Numismatic Metals for all of the following:

• US Platinum Eagle
• One-ounce Canadian Palladium Maple Leaf
• One-ounce PAMP Suisse Palladium Bar
• Australian Platypus
• One-ounce Baird Rhodium Bar
• Canadian Platinum Maple Leaf

The company is so well trusted, they have been quoted on PBS, CNBC and CNN. You will enjoy reading the Richard Schwary complimentary newsletter. I know I learned a lot. When I look back at how scared I was to make an investment I find myself laughing.

I realize there are a lot of companies that will not answer your question, provide a shady response, or put a lot of pressure on potential clients to make an investment. California Numismatic Metals is simply not one of these companies.

I was never ridiculed for asking an apparently obvious question, or made to feel inferior or less educated. I realize you may have a lot more experience and knowledge going in than I did.

If you do not, there is no reason to be concerned. Ask your questions, read the materials available on the website, and make certain you have all the answers you need prior to making an investment for your future.

California Numismatic Metals Fees

When you look at the online catalog on the website, you will see the more typical gold, platinum, palladium and silver coins and bars. You will also discover a variety of rare coins and rhodium bars.

If you go to the services page, you will also see a nice selection of available services including independent storage options. At this point, you will most likely be wondering about the associated fees.

Prior to being able to determine your fees, you will need to choose your IRA custodian. California Numismatic Metals provides three excellent choices including a preferred custodian.

Your specific fees for purchasing precious metals eligible for your IRA account are determined by your custodian. Although I found all of the California Numismatic Metals fees reasonable, they vary according to the custodian.

California Numismatic Metals Pro’s and Cons

The Pros

• One of the only dealers in precious metals offering rhodium is CNI
• The partnership with CNT offers storage insured by Lloyd’s of London
• BBB Rating is A+ with no complaints during the past three years
• BCA Rating is AAA with no complaints during the past three years
• Numerous excellent client reviews
• You do not have to pay for delivery or storage when you choose CNT
• California Numismatic Metals has been in business since 1982

The Cons

• The custodial arrangements on the website could be clearer
• Some of the client reviews were poor
• The fees are dependant on the IRA custodian as opposed to being standard
• There are fluctuations in the price of precious metals

The Bottom Line

Investing in a precious metals IRA has the potential to become the most valuable part of your portfolio. California Numismatic Metals offers you a lot of different options for opening an IRA or simply making an investment in precious metals.

Your retirement is incredibly important. For this reason, I highly recommend contacting California Numismatic Metals to help ensure you are able to retire comfortably.