Cornerstone Bullion

If you are interested in opening precious metals IRA accounts and need some support and guidance and access to the best products on the market today, Cornerstone Bullion can help. Since its founding in 2008 Cornerstone Bullion has established itself as specialists when it comes to silver and gold bullion coins and bars.

I was confused, uncertain and ignorant about investing in IRA accounts specializing in precious metals when friends first told me about Cornerstone Bullion. Now my retirement nest egg is secure, recession-proof and growing rapidly daily. Learning about the Cornerstone Bullion pro’s and cons was enlightening and instructive.

Fluctuating Currencies

With retirement growing ever closer and traditional IRAs paying a mere pittance in interest, I was worried about my financial future. Investing in currencies seemed risky with most countries’ currencies fluctuating wildly every day.

Is was looking for an investment vehicle that offered stability, security and the potential for growth regardless of whether the stock markets worldwide were up or down. With a little research I found out precious metals are a stable investment.

A Hedge Against Inflation And Economic Instability

For thousands of years precious metals have been the bedrock on which stable economies were build and people grew their wealth. While inflation can render paper money worthless, precious metals have intrinsic value and are always valuable.

The Great Recession was just beginning when I began to fund my precious metals IRA with Cornerstone Bullion. While many people lost their shirts as the recession rocked global markets and decimated currencies on every continent, my precious metals IRA steadily grew.

Growth Good And Bad Times

As the global markets recovered and strengthened, my precious metals IRA gained even greater value. When the price of silver surged, my precious metals IRA increased in value. When gold prices hit historic highs, my IRA benefitted greatly.

In these uncertain economic times where a global pandemic threatens to bankrupt businesses in every industry, leaving millions of people out of work and forcing governments print endless amounts of devalued dollars, my precious metals IRA with Cornerstone Bullion has become even more valuable.

Peace Of Mind In Uncertain Times

The rising balances in my precious metals IRA with Cornerstone Bullion makes me smile. With the modest Cornerstone Bullion fees, I have peace of mind knowing I can travel widely, live comfortably and spoil my grandchildren with great gifts.

While others fret and pound their fists in frustration over flat-lining global markets, I can smile secure in the knowledge that even in uncertain economic times I can easily pay any Cornerstone Bullion fees and still enjoy the life of the idle rich.

A Solid, Lucrative, Investment Vehicle

Before I invested in my Cornerstone Bullion precious metals IRA, I too ran hither and yon seeking an investment vehicle that would make my years in retirement golden and comfortable. I punched the clock 9 to 5 for decades, now I can set my own schedule.

Cornerstone Bullion has helped to make my investment in a precious metals IRA work for me. Over the past 12 years I fully funded my precious metals IRA with a portion of my modest weekly income. Now in retirement, this solid, lucrative, investment vehicle will be fully funding my fun times.

Help Preparing For Retirement

Whether you just begun your career in the world of work, retirement looms large in a decade or so or you are anywhere in between, a Cornerstone Bullion precious metals IRA can be a valuable addition to your retirement savings plan. Its consistent growth pays
wonderful dividends.

Retirement will be here before you know it and the unprepared will rue the day they ignored the opportunity to begin building a comfortable nest egg through a precious metals IRA from Cornerstone Bullion. Anyone can enjoy great benefits for a small, but consistent financial investment.

A Global Medium Of Exchange

Even if all currencies fail, precious metals will retain their value. They have been a global medium of exchange for many millennia. Even today people buy and sell a diverse range of products and services using precious metals. With a precious metal IRA, you can too.

Should your retirement plans take you to places where the American dollar is not welcomed or valued, you can use some of the precious metals you have in the Cornerstone
Bullion precious metals IRA to purchase the goods and services you want and need.

Building A Secure Financial Future

Before I began investing in my precious metals IRA through Cornerstone Bullion, financing my retirement seemed like a daunting task. I don’t have a background in finance and my only plan was to put my retirement money into my employer’s 401-K plan.

When I met with the financial and investment services professionals at Cornerstone Bullion, they explained how taking the simple and consistent steps to fund my precious metals IRA could lead to a comfortable retirement. Fast forward 12 years and I now have a financially secure retirement nest egg.

Precious Metals IRA Benefits And Features

People who are averse to the volatility of the stock market may prefer to invest in a precious metals IRA. It’s like having a savings account with big tax breaks. It’s an ideal way to put away money for retirement. A precious metals IRA holds physical gold, silver and other non-paper based assets and offers unique benefits, advantages and features. They include:

1: Diversification

This helps people protect and grow wealth as part of their retirement strategy and create a balanced retirement portfolio. It provides a cushion during stock market corrections because precious metal usually outperform the S&P 500 annually. Diversification enable’s retirement accounts to weather turbulent times and volatile markets.

2: Insurance

Holding some of your retirement savings in physical silver and gold is like having an insurance policy for one’s retirement savings. Gold and silver have long held special significance. They never lose their value and are not vulnerable to inflation.

This insurance smoothens out risk, creates a balanced approach towards retirement savings and is a currency hedge that stores value and protects wealth. Precious metals are the ultimate retirement goals insurance and provides another layer of security.

3: Control

The owner of self-directed precious metals IRAs controls the asset mix. They are not restricted to holding account assets traditionally held in retirement accounts or locked into asset groups pre-determined and chosen by the custodian of the fund.

Precious metals IRAs provide flexibility and the opportunity to control and diversify one’s retirement account and decide of the degree of risk, gains and losses with which one is comfortable.

4: Excellent Growth Potential

While conventional IRA accounts tend to be dependent on the vagaries of and inextricably tied to the fluctuating values of stocks, bonds, mutual funds and the economy, precious metals have intrinsic value and excellent growth potential.

When economic factors weaken the value of cash, stocks and bonds, precious metals’ value and profit potential grows. This makes precious metals IRAs a safe haven because the demand for gold, silver and other precious metals increase during tough, turbulent economic times.

This makes it more effective for storing and growing retirement wealth.

5: Important Tax Advantages

Precious metals IRAs get the same important tax benefits conventional IRAs do. People in most tax brackets can continue to contribute tax-deductible income to their precious metals IRAs. Gains from gold that’s sold within the IRA are only taxed when the cash is issued to the taxpayer.

Those cash distributions are taxed at the marginal tax rate of the taxpayer. This provides an excellent opportunity to enjoy an after-tax rate of return that’s significantly higher than the average brokerage account.

Cornerstone Bullion Pro’s And Cons

A close look at the Cornerstone Bullion pros and cons quickly reveals why I and a growing number of Americans turn to them when we want precious metals IRAs. Some of the pros of dealing with Cornerstone Bullion include:


1. They offer an extensive, diverse, group of both domestic as well as foreign bullion coins for their precious metals IRAs.

2. The storage options they have include three U.S. depositories as well as international storage in Canada, the Cayman Islands and Switzerland.

3. They have been accredited by the Better Business Bureau since 2010 and have an excellent A+ rating and zero complaints. They also have a AA BCA rating with zero complaints.

4. They are a long time ICTA Industry Council on Tangible Assets member.

5. Their parent company, Cornerstone Capital Investment, Inc., sold more than $100 million in precious metals to customers since Cornerstone Bullion was founded in 2008.

6. They offers a wide range of bullion products. They include traditional American Gold Eagles and Gold Buffalos, Austrian Philharmonics, Australian Nugget and Kangaroo coins, British Britannia and Canadian Maple Leafs.


1. Cornerstone Bullion does not offer palladium or platinum for their precious metals IRAs.

2. They are in fierce competition with many tough industry rivals.

3. Their website does not have a ‘live chat’ function. This forces people to call, email or visit them to speak directly to a customer service representative or advisor.

4. Although they have no bad reviews, there are not many online reviews of their products and services and they have been in business for over a decade.

An Overview Of Cornerstone Bullion

Cornerstone Bullion was founded in 2008. Since that time the family-owned company has been providing high quality precious metals product options to both large and small customers.

Whether you are an individual simply looking to diversify your investment portfolio to ensure your nest egg will be large, secure and stable enough to provide you the income you need for a comfortable retirement, or a large commercial enterprise, Cornerstone Bullion gives you the attention you want and need.

Their precious metals prices are amazing and they make the process of buying and selling them fast and easy.

A Trusted Precious Metals Source

With their excellent BBB rating, fast shipping, competitive pricing, knowledgeable, experienced, leadership and friendly service, Cornerstone Bullion is quickly becoming among America’s most trusted sources for precious metals IRAs.

The company continues to grow rapidly despite the fact they do almost no marketing and advertising of their services. Their growth is fueled by satisfied customers recommending their family, friends, colleagues and neighbors who are looking for a safe, secure, lucrative, retirement savings option contact Cornerstone Bullion and learn more about their services.

Incredible Customer Service

While the competition focuses on creating clever commercials to attract attention to themselves, Cornerstone Bullion focuses their time, attention and talent on providing incredible, responsive, timely, customer service.

They provide valuable insight and large volumes of products to their customers at surprisingly low prices. Their efforts are designed to provide people interested in securing and growing their wealth with a safe, easy, simple and cost-effective option.

Each person who deals with Cornerstone Bullion feels like they have a caring, knowledgeable, high-end, personal consultant.

Informed, Wise, Retirement Investment Decisions

Working with the knowledge, experienced, precious metals experts at Cornerstone Bullion enables people preparing for retirement to make informed, wise, retirement investment decisions.

Customers never receive phone calls or emails pressuring them to buy or sell precious metals assets or little known products so Cornerstone Bullion can receive higher premiums or commissions.

They simply make customers aware of popular bullion products at competitive prices that can benefit their retirement savings portfolio. They include privately refined bars and bullion of gold and silver and specialized tax-exempt IRA and 401k investments.

Benefits First-Time Buyers And Seasoned Investors

Contacting Cornerstone Bullion by phone, email or through a visit to one of their locations can transform and enhance your retirement experience. They can give you access to priceless information, advice and guidance on the use of precious metals IRAs.

This increases the growth and protects the wealth in your retirement savings. Whether you’re a twenty-something first-time buyer or an older seasoned investor nearing retirement, contact Cornerstone Bullion today.

A reliable, trustworthy precious metals IRA investment advisor from Cornerstone Bullion is only a phone call away.