Missouri Coin Company Review

A Brief Summary

The Missouri Coin Company is focused on selling silver and gold bullion bars and coins. They say that the most popular products that they sell containing gold consist of the following:

  • Gold Canadian Maple Leaf
  • Gold South African Krugerrand
  • Gold American Eagle Coin
  • Their Privately Minted Gold Bar

The gold coins that they sell vary by weight from anywhere from 1 g to 400 ounces. This company tells its clients that it’s best to buy precious metals for their gold IRA account from one of four custodian/administrators with impeccable reputations. These custodians include:

  • New Direction IRA
  • Sterling Trust Company (Equity Institutional)
  • The Entrust Group
  • Midland IRA

The Missouri Coin Company focuses their attention on selling ancient, worldwide, and US coins of all varieties. They have auctions each week that have more than 100,000 registered bidders in attendance and they’re considered the Midwest’s biggest purchaser of silver and gold.


There isn’t a great deal mentioned about company management that we can find shared on their website. But according to information posted on the Better Business Bureau, they’ve listed two of the leaders of this organization. They are:

  • Dennis McCormick, President
  • Matt McCormick, Vice President

Ratings & Complaints: Missouri Coin Company

According to the following information, the top business directories and online review sites have rated this company in the following ways:

  • Better Business Bureau Rating: A+
  • Better Business Bureau Complaints: no complaints in the past three years
  • Business Consumer Alliance Rating: B
  • Business Consumer Alliance Complaints: no complaints within the past three years
  • Yelp Rating: 3 ½ out of five stars
  • Yelp Reviews: four reviews since 2014

Although they have a pretty good reputation on the Better Business Bureau website, yet they have some negative reviews on other websites that unfortunately drags them down and makes them appear below average. But at the same time, many other review websites haven’t rated them at all.

Contact Details: Missouri Coin Company

  • Address: 11 718 Manchester Rd., Des Peros, MO 63131
  • Phone #: 1-800-280-9797
  • Local Phone #: 1-314-965-9797
  • Fax #: 1-314-965-1714
  • Web Address: mocoin.com
  • Email Address: info@mocoin.com

Important Pages from the Missouri Coin Company Website

  • How to add precious metals to your individual retirement account – this page will teach you the entire process of buying and adding precious metals to your gold IRA.
  • Products containing precious metals – this section of the website will teach you about the most popular silver and gold products available on their site in a brief overview.
  • About page – this page completely describes everything you ever wanted to know about the Missouri Coin Company. On this page, you’ll discover a full description of the background of the company. They also share a list of brief questions that their customers typically ask. They answer these questions in an effort to solve your potential inquiries.

Consider Every Option Prior to Investing

It may not seem easy to choose a company to buy gold bullion from because of the many nuances and technicalities involved with gold IRA investing. Some of these companies sell many different types of gold. And the gold might even be acceptable within a precious metals IRA, yet the company doesn’t have a working relationship with precious metals IRA custodians.

Do you plan to purchase gold for a precious metal IRA? You should choose a gold company that has a direct relationship with a gold IRA custodian. This will streamline the entire process, cut your costs, and make life a heck of a lot easier on you, the consumer.

Take a moment to go out of your way to research potential companies that work with gold IRA custodians. Why? Because everybody has different wants, needs, and desires. You may want certain things from a gold broker that other people could care less about. On the other hand, you may want something specific from your broker that only you know to look for. So doing your own research on the top precious metals IRA companies in 2020 will go quick, yet it will help you make an informed decision about your overall investment strategy moving forward.

Missouri Coin Company Representatives

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