Red Rock Secured

Do you ever think about making an investment for your future? I think about it all the time. A lot of my concerns eased once I discovered Red Rock Secured. I figured after doing business for more than a decade the company was legitimate.

Who is Red Rock Secured?

Red Rock Secured is a company offering investments in precious metals. You can make an investment in gold and silver minted coins from a wide variety of sources including Canada and the United States.

The company specializes in individual retirement accounts focused on gold and silver. Since I am a new investor I did a lot of research before I decided to invest with Red Rock Secured.

I learned the company has experts who understand exactly how and where to purchase precious metals.

If you are concerned about your portfolio, Red Rock Secured will explain the correct proportions of minted coins and bullion to include. I was given a lot of information to review before I made a decision.

I learned a lot about trading precious metals. I decided to invest a percentage of what I am earning, but I will make certain I hold enough back for my retirement. Are you concerned about having enough money to retire?

Thanks to Red Rock Secured, I am no longer afraid I will need to work until I am 90. The company was established in 2009 in California. One of the co-founders and the President of Red Rock Secured is Sean J. Kelly.

The company has been accredited by the Better Business Bureau, with an A+ rating. I believe Red Rock Secured is the ideal broker due to the current markets and complicated portfolio requirements.

Red Rock Secured Features

Prior to contacting Red Rock Secured, I admit I talked with several other brokers. One of the main reasons I decided to invest with Red Rock Secured is because they took the time to explain everything I needed to know.

Do you have a tendency to back away when you feel you are being pressured? This is exactly how other brokers made me feel. I was told things like just trust us and we know what to do.

The reason Red Rock Secured was different is that they gave me a lot of information, told me to review everything, and to ask them any questions I had. The company actually said they did not want me to invest until I was sure.

For the first time in my life, I understand the importance of a balanced portfolio. I understand the reasons for the quick changes in the market, and why everything seems so complicated.

I found Red Rock Secured was different than any of the other brokers I had contacted. Within a very short period of time, they were the only broker I was still in contact with. After all, this was my retirement and I did not want to be rushed.

The company explained all of the investment options available, and they made some excellent recommendations for my specific circumstances. I was offered cash account and tax-deferred IRA options.

Everything was discussed such as bullion, premium coins made of gold and silver and even real estate despite being growth-oriented and rather unconventional. I even learned about private placements and pre-IPOs.

If you are confused by any of these terms, do not worry. When I first made contact with Red Rock Secured, I did not understand many of them either. I do know everything was explained beautifully, and the choice of investments was mine alone.

The Red Rock Secured Fees confused me at first, but I asked questions until I understood how everything worked. I admit it was more than fair. When I asked for specific prices, there was no hesitancy.

I decided an IRA sounded intriguing. All I needed to do was ask and I received all the information I needed to make an educated decision. I initially started by filling out a form online. Red Rock Secured reached out to me almost immediately.

You can see all of the products offer just by visiting the official Red Rock Secured website. The products available include:

• Gold bullion
• Silver bullion
• Palladium
• Platinum
• Metals pre-dating 1964

If you prefer, you can make a more traditional type of investment such as a tax-deferred savings including your 401K, IRA or pension. I found the selection of IRAs available was excellent.

Red Rock Secured offers both Home Delivery IRAs and Self-directed IRAs. I did not understand the difference at first, but once again the company explained everything to me extremely well. I was even sent an attorney opinion letter.

The letter explained all of the legalities regarding the different kinds of IRAs. One of the options I chose was a Home Delivery IRA. I was impressed when I realized the company sent everything I needed through insured and free shipping.

I admit I had a lot of questions about bullion bars and coins, numismatic coins and retirement vehicles. I think what impressed me the most was the Gold TSP Plan the company launched in 2019.

This is a TSP or a Thrift Savings Plan. The defined contribution plan was created specifically for members of the uniformed services, retirees and civil service employees in the United States.

The Gold TSP Plan available through Red Rock Secured is excellent. The plan offers clients protection just in case there is a market correction in the future. I like the idea that families receive protection from another potential market crash.

I know quite a few people who were devastated by the crash of 2008. This is one of the main reasons I was originally so scared to make an investment. The problem is if I did not, I knew I would be unable to retire.

There are a lot of people that do not know they can qualify for a penalty-free and tax-free transfer from their current TSP accounts. I strongly believe Red Rock Secured makes protecting the retirement assets of their clients a priority.

The company offers you products both secure and premium with an impressive never zero policy. This means if you make an investment with Red Rock Secured, your portfolio will never drop to zero.

The specialty of the company is building an investment portfolio for their clients. In most cases, this is a self-directed IRA. You increase your wealth with a hedge consisting of precious metals.

In addition to gold and silver, I was offered some unusual alternative investments. I really like the idea of increasing the funds I already have to make certain I can retire comfortably. The products offered are both valuable and unique.

There is no doubt in my mind all of my assets are being well protected by Red Rock Secured. The main focus of the company is protecting the 401Ks, IRAs and qualified tax-deferred accounts their clients are using to help ensure their retirement.

Red Rock will place your investment in assets such as precious metals. This ensures your assets will never reach a zero balance. I find this very comforting. The company is legitimate with almost 50 affiliates and staff members.

The best part is the staff members are all experts in precious metals and gold. This means they can help you understand TSPs and Gold IRAs just like they did for me. Unfortunately, you will not find their fees on the official website.

This was the main reason I started considering the Red Rock Secured Pro’s and Con’s. I am really glad I decided to ask. The company explained my fees were dependent on my IRA custodian. Once I decided which custodian to use, everything became clear.

My account was created based on my specific requirements. The customer support was excellent. I had the choice of email or telephone, and I chose the telephone. The representative was polite, well informed and extremely helpful.

I felt comfortable asking questions, and I received clear and informative answers. I found out later Red Rock Secured also offers live chat through their website. I have since used this feature several times.

The Benefits of Red Rock Secured

I read a lot of reviews. The majority of them were good with compliments for the services and products offered by the company. One of the reviews was from a woman who said she and her husband lost a lot of money when the market crashed in 2008.

She was just as afraid to make an investment as I was until she talked to the company. She ended up making an investment in both gold and silver. She said for the first time in years she felt comfortable they would be able to retire.

Red Rock Secured is about trust and building a good relationship. I found out approximately 90 percent of their clients have qualified for no fees for their entire life.

You even receive price protection when you invest in qualified silver and gold. If the price decreases for any reason, you will be paid the difference by the company. The one-on-one consultation was free and put me at ease.

This was when I learned how to diversify my retirement with gold and silver. Red Rock Secured made certain I was well informed as opposed to simply telling me to trust them. I was provided with historical data, knowledge and a good education.

The company takes excellent care of its clients. They will make certain your investment is secure. Once you have talked to them, you will start to trust the company and what they are offering.

The communication I received was exceptional. The representatives always knew the answers to my questions, and never became exasperated or short with me. I believe part of the reason the company is successful is due to unquestionable integrity.

I never doubted Red Rock Secured wanted me to become successful. The diversity in the retirement investment options is strategic and protected by the company. The products I was offered were customized for my retirement.

The levels of liquidity were high, my investment was for the long term, and I was completely satisfied with both my investment and the service I received. The process to protect my retirement involved just three simple steps.

I chose to talk to the gold consultant on the phone as opposed to online. The first step was making the transfer from my current bank. Red Rock Secured was able to establish a penalty-free and tax-free transfer.

The second step was the conversion of my investment into the precious metal of my choice. I decided on physical silver and gold. The final step was to ship my investment to a physical storage facility that was 100 percent secure.

Red Rock Secured paid for all the shipping charges. I was told I could visit the storage facility any time I wanted.

After I made my investment, I was delighted to discover a two-page article online about Red Rock Secured. I was unaware the company had been featured in Fortune magazine. The article discussed the company’s Gold Report from 2020.

If possible, I had even more confidence in my investment after I read the article. I understand the importance of my portfolio being protected from whatever may happen in the future.

If you were scared by the 2008 market crash, so was I. The idea behind Red Rock Secured is making certain your assets do not fully deplete. This is possible with an investment in precious metals.

The company is a wholesaler. This means they can spend millions of dollars purchasing physical silver and gold each year. The company purchases at market value from the British Royal Mint, Canadian Royal Mint and the U.S. Mint.

Red Rock Secured Pro’s and Con’s


• BCA AAA rating
• A+ rating from the BBB
• Numerous great reviews
• One-on-one consultation
• Established in 2009
• Never zero policy
• Price protection


• No Trustpilot reviews
• Clients must qualify for no fees for life
• Some bad reviews
• Not much information online regarding Red Rock Secured fees

Bottom Line

Red Rock Secured is a reputable company offering a wide range of retirement investments. The communication is excellent, the representatives well informed, and the investments are protected.