Regal Assets Ratings 2020

With the stock market dwindling and facing times of uncertainty, there is no better time to diversify your investment portfolio. One of the common paths to diversity is to invest in different forms of currency, like gold and precious metals. Regal Assets remains as the top selection for investors looking to rollover an IRA into a precious metals account, diversify a portfolio with gold and silver, or to seek a protection plan that exists beyond stocks and bills.

There is no shortage of positive reviews when it comes to detailing the work of Regal Assets. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) ranks this company will an overall satisfaction score of A+ (the highest score a company is eligible to receive). The BCA gives this company their triple-A promise, citing the excellence of many great years of customer service and overall satisfaction. Countless Yellow Page and Yelp reviews have also petitioned this company for the praise of their services.

Regal Assets Can Help You Invest in Precious Metals

Investment opportunities have come in droves. The many different opportunities placed within the market leaves the consumer to fend for themselves, applying research tendencies to ensure the best selection for their life savings. The precious metal and gold business has been a successful transition for diversity placed within user accounts. Transitioning to this platform is simple for the user to access and it helps to diversify an investment portfolio.

One of the top, supported conditions placed by Regal Assets is their ability to roll over accounts into a precious metals IRA. The operation of these accounts is maintained and secured via the use of third party storage sites. Some of the supported accounts in the Regal Assets system allow for off-shore transfers and storage, but this is limited to regions of Singapore.

Regal Assets create plans that successfully manage the transfer of a 401K plan or Roth IRA plans. They work with providers placed in these sectors, successfully obtaining account information from the transfer source. This is a great option for those who are transitioning their careers or seeking new employment, offering a diversified way to combine saving efforts for retirement planning.

How Does the Process Work?

You may be asking yourself: How do I get started? The answer comes with the Regal Assets investment kit, which explains the process of starting an ira backed by gold.   Their investment kit is delivered to your doorstep and it details everything that the company covers. This kit comes with tools that mention options for better managing your assets and different articles where the company was featured within Forbes magazine. This kit is made free of charge for potential consumers, reducing the strings of attachment to services and fees.

Regal Assets fees remain the lowest within this industry space. Qualifying users will be eligible for $0 rollover and transfer fees, allowing the user to cash-in their account or start a new account with zero money down. The second great feature of Regal Assets fees is that the first year is on the company, holding zero admin or transfer fees within the first year of transactions. Minimal fees are accompanied with additional years of account holding.

To get started, the user must commit $5,000 to their account and profile. This amount can be achieved through any combination of monetary value. For example, someone looking to rollover their $4,000 401K plan would have to add $1,000 in funds to meet that minimal holding threshold. The combination factor is cited as a user-friendly option that opens your account with little out-of-pocket money.

After successful submission of an account in good standing, Regal Assets will create a follow-up with one of their professionals. These investment professionals will surround you with a deeper understanding of how to manage your account and offer some advice on how to get started with your investment types.

After successful meeting with your investment and account manager, you will be gifted the opportunity to select your precious metals and gold. The account manager will also be responsive in listing the different kinds of accounts available, allowing you to involve certain levels of risk that will be built-in to your investment choices.

The rest of the process is funded with the advice delivered via your account manager, personal research that you apply to your investment strategies, and the management tools surrounding your investments. This company also allows for the user to place a claim for their actual gold and metal investments, but this amount is taxed on yearly claims once it is released to the customer. The best way to avoid fees and taxation is to keep your assets appreciating in their marked accounts and profiles.

RegalAssets Put to Review by Third Parties

Regal Assets reputation has reached high praise and claims thanks to their near-decade of involvement in precious metals and gold investments. The Regal Assets reputation is geared around the thousands of reviews that have been placed in the positive ranking of the company. No greater resource of reputation exists than that delivered by the BBB and BCA.

Both of these reputable companies have seen limited complaints surrounding the namesake of this company. The BBB reports a history of 4 complaints placed against Regal Assets. The BBB also posts positive responses of resolution surrounding each of these 4 cases. The highest-ranking is delivered through the BCA, which keeps this company in a resounding, positive stance with the investment world.

As with any reputation gain, it is best to seek as many outlets of support as possible. When starting your decision-making process, exhaust all of the resources at your disposal. Create selective internet searches and work within the grounds of these reputable companies to ensure all of your needs will be met.

The customer service team located within this company comes from some of the top minds within this area of industry. Their years of service have helped consumers create the necessary transition terms to diversify their portfolios and garnish new investment opportunities. This team is made available via live web chat and via phone. The response time associated with this customer service team remains quick and proficient.

Regal Assets have also gained the attention of the general public by offering a submission form that can be completed exclusively via online submission wizard. This submission form is highly encrypted, keeping all of your personal information secure and safe. This submission wizard also directs you through the process at a painless clip, getting you down to investment choices in quick fashion.


  • Highest rated gold and precious metals investment option
  • Wide selection of gold and precious metals to choose from
  • U.S. based and off-shore storage options
  • Simple online submission forms
  • Ability to combine accounts to reach the $5,000 minimum account standing
  • Flat fees with no surprises
  • Free first year of service with zero storage fees and zero transaction fees


  • Hefty starting price ($5,000 minimum)
  • Some difference in selling fees for metal and gold types at point of sell-off
  • Commission fees can fluctuate with the market
  • Unpredictability of the value model of gold and precious metals


After detailing this company and product from all angles, it is clear to see why they remain atop the selection list for investment options. With a vast library of selection for gold, bullion, and precious metal options, the user remains in full control over their investment choices and options. The combined efforts keep account establishment easy for the user to conjure. The waving of fees for the first year also represents a great way for users to submit their efforts and their selections without the added headache of commissions and transaction fees. The customer service team remains readily available and on-hand to answer all consumer inquiries. Give Regal Assets a try today and start creating new opportunities to help diversify and secure your investment portfolio.